Tennessee Poster Gave Florida Motivation

Florida fans knew entering into this year that Will Muschamp would be a great motivator because he is a player’s coach. He’s out there chest-bumping players and yelling ‘BOOM’ every time they make a great play. Who wouldn’t want to play for a guy like that?

Muschamp provided a little motivation for his players on the week of the Tennessee game by giving them a laminated poster of Justin Hunter and Da’Rick Rogers of Tennessee with numerous quotes from each receiver.

The top of the poster reads: “Throw a jump ball or something like that. I’ll come down with it over the Florida DBs!”

Florida defensive back Matt Elam responded to the trash talking:

“Coming in this week, these two guys [Rogers and Hunter] was talking a lot of trash about what they were going to do to us and focusing on how we were too slow and saying how there were in a groove and how they were going to come dominate us,” Elam said.

“We handled that situation well.”

Hunter, of course, went down early with an unfortunate ACL injury, and Rogers had five catches for 62 yards and a touchdown. However, Matt Elam got the final word in on his interception to ice the game.

Things might have turned out a little bit differently had Hunter not gotten hurt.

Tom Green/The Independent Florida Alligator