Video: Tyrann Mathieu’s Controversial Penalty On Dre Kirkpatrick


Above is the Honey Badger’s controversial penalty on Alabama corner Dre Kirkpatrick last night.

Mathieu later “apologized” on his Twitter account TM7_Era to Kirkpatrick.



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  • Bama fans need to get over this. Yes it is a penalty and he deserved each of those 15 yards that he got for it… but it was not a deliberate attempt to hurt Dre Kirkpatrick. He got beat down the field and was trying to make up for it, albeit illegally, and got caught. Quit whining and coming up with excuses for why you should have won.

    • I find it hard to believe it was unintentional due to the trash talking factor that was going on all game between the two. If TM7 was any man at all he would’ve tried to make a legimate hit or block instead of a downfield cheapshot cag. It just reflects the dirty culture of LSU football. The penalty was only half the distance of the goal and since it was only offensive holding it would have only been a 10 yard penalty instead of 15.

    • Hey Auburn fan, they called “holding” wich is 10 yards not a personal foul that would have been 15. Get your facts right before commenting on something that doesnt pertain to you. If that happened to your Thorpe you would be the first to bash #7. Personally I am extremely happy that the only thing that trash talking idiot #7 did all game was show his true colors. It was a dirty play that took out one of the best cornerbacks in the country. I think it was intentional cause LSwho ran right at Dre’s side after he was taken out. I can’t wait to put a smack down on the next Tiger team we face! Roll Tide!

    • Really??? I wouldn’t use that for an EXCUSE for why we did not win! But there are ample reasons why we did not win….i.e. the refs and their STUPID bias calls for most and we need a better kicker….So shut up and go get a life!!!

      • Holly, I start reading your comment and I’m on my way to agreeing with you and then you drop the same ol’ whine and cry I been hearing from so many fans since Saturday night, “bias calls”, “we were robbed”, “we need a better kicker”. Maybe we do need a better kicker but lest we forget Leigh Tiffin missed 4 FG’s against Arkansas and he turned out to be pretty reliable. STOP BLAMING THE KICKER when we have the #1 defense in the land. Coach Saban chose to trust his kicker, knowing it’s on the very edge of his range and also knowing that if he misses you give LSU great field position and you’re not helping your defense out at all whereas if you punt, aim it out of bounds to keep them from returning it and play damn field position with the #1 defense in the land. The missed FG’s didn’t lead to any points for LSU but it did put the defense in a bad situation when a simple punt would have helped them out a great deal. LSU didn’t put Maze out there to field a punt with a sprained ankle. Why did they not have Trent, a hard-running, tough to bring down Heisman trophy candidate on the field getting every yard he could and running the clock in the 4th quarter not to mention the amount of time left and 3 timeouts that they could have tried to move the ball. Mistakes were made by both sides and both teams but before you start accusing the refs and complaining about an INT that was or wasn’t just remember, one play doesn’t make a game. I do think BAMA was the better team but they did not take advantage of some of their opportunities and while some of that is on the players a good deal of it can be attributed to the coaches and the play calling. I love Alabama football and have for as long as I can remember but all the whining and complaining I have seen over these last two days makes me wonder if fans of other schools are right about BAMA fans whining and complaining. Be the better person, congratulate LSU, get over the loss and move on. We need help to get back up to the next spot but you know what, it means nothing if the team and the fans dwell on this game. If they lose to Mississippi State this game won’t mean anything. BAMA needs to come out ready to take care of business Saturday night and then we need to remind the fans in Barntown that they have a payback beatdown coming to them. We lost, get over it and ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!

        • I will GET OVER IT when I am ready~ not your place to tell me when….sorry but we need a better kicker whether you admit it or not. Also, NO ONE can convince me that there needs to be some accountability with the refs…there are tooooooooo many bad calls by ALL of them. Enough said~ Roll Tide…

    • It’s not a surprise to me to see a comment like that coming from an auburn fan considering a few cheap shots that went on last year with the tigers. Mathieu is a thug…bottom line. That was a cheap shot regardless of whether he was beaten on the play. It’s football. Not a barroom fight. Oh, I’m sorry, he probably thought it was. He’s an outstanding player and will be a millionaire in less than 6 months. No need to do that. But a thug is a thug is a thug…that will probably take him a long way in the NFL. And will someone please tell me how you get a frickin’ holding call when you use your forearm to nearly take someone’s head off from the blind side.

    • Exactly…even Saban with his arms out can’t understand why Dre is on the ground, he knew he had drawn a flag, he saw the play and it was HOLDING. Saban knows we had the better aggressive football team, that’s why he recruits so heavy in Louisiana. You got Lacey but you won’t get Collins Nick.

  • I think it was a deliberate cheap shot & could have left Kirkpatrick paralyzed. The SEC & NCAA should review this & ban Mathieu from football for a while.

    • You’re kidding right? Could have left him paralyzed? So could every other play in football. Look, I hate Mathieu as much as the next guy, but it was like he attempted a flying helmet-to-helmet killshot. He grabbed Kirpatrick’s shoulder and spun him around to make up for getting beat. To talk about paralysis is so grossly over-dramatized.

    • I TOTALLY agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess if you want to win bad enough, you will use ANY tactic necessary to do so. As for Alabama, I am HONORED to say that NICK SABAN leads his players by example. He WOULD NOT tolerate behavior such as this from any of his players! JEALOUSY OF ALABAMA is such an ugly thing, but hey, when YOUR THE BEST OVER ALL & have 13, (LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN 1*3*) NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS under your belt, well… just brings out the HATERS from every where.

      At least THE CRIMSON TIDE can say they win their games by playing WITH CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You sure about that? Cause Upshaw was caught on video kicking a Vandy player in the head earlier this season. Complain about Mathieu if you want. But don’t say your program is clean, classy, or pure.

      • Everybody knows LSU always plays diirty. Thats the way it is. I dont know what a player from LSU has to do to be ejected from a game but obviously its not takeing an open field cheap shot like this. I was at the game and it looked alot worse from the stands than it did on the TV when I got home.I will say that LSU fans at the game was not happy about that play and several of them expressed that while we was leaving the stadium. As with most high profile games there was some bad calls on both sides that could have changed the outcome. The fact is LSU won and because of all the misstakes made by bama. I remain Do or Die Tide, cant wait for the next time we meet LSU. ROLL TIDE ROLL…

      • If you think AL has 13 Natl Champs you are delusional. You need to really look into the facts. To say that AL players are so upstanding, etc.- once again, delusional. He was penalized for a hold which it was. Why can’t you accept a loss with some dignity?

  • Let me say this first and foremost, LSU won that slugfest. We Bama fans can use the “well if our kicker didn’t suck, if this happened, or if this didn’t happen” crap to explain away the loss. Guess what, those things are all part of football, and you hope every weekend the good things come your way and the bad doesn’t hurt you too badly. Our kicker didn’t come out of the locker room from the jump and there were some bad calls made in the last few minutes before overtime.

    That being said, this was an intentional foul and it was meant to do lasting damage, do not try and pretty it up. He held on and pulled too hard for it not to be intentional, and no LSU fan should deny that. The Honey Thug is a damn good ball player, but he is a dirty thug, plain and simple.

  • I’m just trying to figure out why no one made such a big deal out of this as they did Marquel Wade’s hit. I know Wade’s hit was a combination of a few penalties, but Mathieu’s was flat out flagrant as well. Why isn’t Kirk Herbstreit crying about this one?

  • TM7 is a punk – synthetic MJ, punk hit, stupid twitter handle and way to much trash talking- at a punk program. LSU is becoming the “U” of the SEC. If JJ is fighting, and three starters are getting suspended for synthetic MJ, what else is going on the Baton Rouge that we don’t know about? The above is just the stuff they can’t hide.

    • Ok SEC Champ 1) dont dare ever accuse the whole Team of becoming thugs. Quit acting like CrimeDog Mcgruff. Les has built a powerhouse team and with all programs has some issues that will be hammered out. Look at Penn State if you need proof. Im a LSU Alum and I dont care for Tm7 or whatever the lil moron is. When I played at LSU we played with pride and decency so dont drag a whole program down due to whatever pent up jealousies you house. The hit was intentional but in the end the better team won. Live with it and go cry somewhere else.

      • Scott, as a long time BAMA fan let me just say congrats on a very hard-fought win. The hit was cheap and dirty but I don’t lay the blame on the whole LSU team and I don’t see how anyone can. The comments I saw from the LSU players after the game were very classy and very respectful. I lay the blame on #7 and him alone.

    • There was trash talk coming from BOTH sides during the game. That is part of the game, it gets out of hand from time to time. But lets move on.

  • Being an LSU fan, I do think it was a cheap shot & he should not have done it. It hurt the team & I wish Les Miles would suspend him for a couple of games. We will never know all,of the smack talk that was said on the field. There was a lot of it from BOTH sides. That does not excuse such a stupid foul. It irritates me that other fans automatically assume that every lsu player is a thug or a criminal. Do you know EVERYTHING that goes on in your team’s program? How can you be sure that players for your team aren’t doing things but just haven’t got caught. Yes it happened at LSU, it might happen again, who knows. What if it happenes at Bama & all the other fans were calling every Bama player a thug or criminal? Most Bama fans would be upset by painting every player by the actions of a few.

    • how about just suspend him for one game….the Arkansas game.

    • They ALL smack talk that doesn’t mean you act on it~ LSU has no class….they act on it every time they are thugs….But if they go to the NFL the big boys don’t put up with their trash and they will have to grow-up and learn a little like Bears QB Jim McMahon……

    • Totally agree sethcopes. He committed the penalty, he should take responsibility.

  • If anyone of the Bama players pulled stunts like were pulled by LSU players they would probably be off the team, not just suspended for a few games.

    I find it quite interesting that the players that were suspended for the MJ & the brawl outside the bar were only suspended until right before the BIG MATCH up with Bama…..things that make you go HUMMMMM….

    I guess Les was more concerned with winning that he was with the integrity of HOW his team won the game.

    • you are an idiot upshaw commited just as bad of a penalty kicking a vandy player in the head and i’m pretty sure he is still on the team and was not suspended

  • I don’t think it was a deliberate attempt to hurt Kirkpatrick.
    It was a DUMBASS penalty, in that he had just gotten beat and was trying a little too hard to take his man out of play…even though the man he was supposed to have blocked was not really close enough to have made any play at all.

  • Neutral Dawg fan here. I was even until that happened and then I was all in for Bama. A cheap shot, a lame coverup, equaling behavior more suitable for hockey or the NBA. Suspend him.

  • So a honey badger is tenacious, aggresive and couragous. And it seems to be also extremely STUPID. Illegal play, yep. Dirty play, yep. But mostly it’s was just stupid, possibly the dumest thing I’ve seen any player do this season. How does one try to justify it as anything else. Maybe the young fellow is just that desparate for a little more “screen” time. “If I do something really, really, dumb…maybe I’ll get interviewed by espn again.” I don’t think he was trying to hurt anyone. I’ve just come to believe he has the IQ of…..well….a honey badger.

  • And the Oscar goes to…..Kirkpatrick.

    He is one of the trash-talkingist guys in college football and he lays down on the field like a little school girl. While that hit (if you can even call it that) wasn’t needed, Kirkpatrick should’ve just gotten up and went to the sideline like he does when he smack talks and hits dirty.

    If you’re going to dish it out, better be able to take it…..

  • Damn,all the excuses bama fans come up with when they lose,if Nicky was so concerned with how his team plays,then why hasn’t he went back to look at the kick to the face of the Vandy player Upshaw done in the game and suspend him for a few games,Get over it,your team lost….end of STORY!

  • Ol’ Honey Badger had been drinking his own Kool-aid; couldn’t make a good play all night and get any attention, so he did the next best (?) thing and made a bad play just to get his name on the lips of the announcers. Yeah, our guy was on the receiving end of a chicken-sh** move, but I would imagine that #21 for Bama will get over it before #7 for the purple and gold outlasts the reputation he acquired as a dirty player Saturday night. And if it was ‘just football’, then why did the ref throw his yellow rag on the ground?

  • dirty plays and unncessary roughness are becoming the norm – look at the vandy game. Players that commit these type of fouls should be sitting out a game or two. One of these days someone will be permanently injured or even killed. Let’s clean up the game and stop these type of plays. Victory isn’t worth putting another player out of the game. Hard hits are part of football but there is a difference between a hard “legal” hit and one that injures. Rivalries are part of college football and so is trash talking but not hits that injur or maim a player.

  • 1st, let me say I am an Alabama fan. Saturday LSU beat Alabama. No one play, official’s call or coach’s call lost us the game. So to blame the loss on Mathieu is idiotic. And paint the whole LSU team as thugs is also unfair. Jarret Lee seems to be a class act! As do a couple other of his teammates.
    The fact that Les Miles has a couple players with behavioral problems is indisputable! And I do question how he has handled these problems! I realize the SEC & NCAA don’t like to get involved in things like this. But, if the LSU staff can’t get control of these few problem children, someone needs to step in! Actions like Jefferson’s, Matthieu’s and a couple others throw a bad light, not only on LSU. But also, the other SEC schools!

    • calling them thugs is not unfair, they have been playing like this since les miles began coaching at lsu. they have been known for years to be the dirtiest team in college football. and also if you rewatch the game watch the bottom of the piles and count the punches you see from lsu players. and yes you will see a couple from bama to but not nearly as many.

    • So suspending Jefferson until he got his legal issues straightened out isnt controlling his players? Go read the facts on that case and you might just realize that no physical evidence says that he actually participated in the fight. You will see a drug addicted drunk started a fight with some people outside the bar where REAL eyewitnesses say that he didnt participate. And lets go with this synthetic marijuana thing. For one its not illegal its just against team rules. Wrong yes stupid yes but saying that they are thugs and cant be controlled is ridiculous. Bama fans are the only people on the planet that “recognizes” lsu as the dirtiest team in football. Ill go see the last time LSU was banned from the post season oh wait that was a bama issue thats right. You lost get over it see you in jan when we can beat you again.

      • Sorry, have to agree that LSU has it’s share of thugs, but so does every program, but some coaches take care of issues like this. Petrino kicked one kid off the team this year for “drug related issues.” That’s what should be the norm… Now, that said, I agree that they at least deserve one chance to make up for their foolishness.

        Also, that was blatantly intentional. Was it meant to injure the other player? I seriously doubt it, but it’s possible.
        Did that cost Bama the game? Nope, they did that themselves.

  • So all of you bama fans are telling the world that LSU has ALWAYS played dirty and use cheap shots and that if it were a player on Sabans team he would have kicked him off the team? This is the same nick saban that coached AT LSU. Hmmmmm if LSU players always play dirty and Saban was the coach LSU and he never kicked any one off the team………….I understand that I lost some of you bama fans in this logic but WAKE UP. Yeah #7 should have let him go instead of grab him key word is GRAB not spear or kick or punch just grabbed the jersey and momentum did the rest. And dont even get me started on bias refs. If any team ever got more calls in their favor its bama just look at the entire 09 season and especially the patrick peterson interception where you can clearly see his foot in bounds. It was a hard fought game between the best programs in the country and LSU made the least mistakes and I would love to meet bama again in January. P.S. it was LSU’s defense that forced the kickers to kick outside of their kickers range and the lsu defense that blocked the third miss.

  • I love LSU, I bleed purple and gold, and Tyrann Mathieu graduated the same high school as a lot of the men in my family. That being said, there is no excuse for that flagrant penalty that he committed in Saturday’s game. Did he do it on purpose? Probably so. Kirkpatrick and Mathieu had been going at it all game, and Kirkpatrick probably got under his skin. Should he have done it? Of course not. Of course the act didn’t help the team, but I don’t really think it hurt them too much. Both offenses were struggling to get yards (moreso LSU than Bama) and both defenses were playing phenomenally. Did he mean to hurt him? I would like to think not. I think that he was just trying to get away with a little dirty move and it wound up being worse than what he intended. He got penalized, so I think Bama fans should let it go.

  • Bama lost the game period, no barner style moral victories. But if Mathieu is correct in his tweet and they teach their players to throw clotheslines when they are physically beat on a play then there are bigger troubles in Baton Rouge than smoking synthetic dope. That is an illegal hit and has been for quite a while and it wasn’t holding it was an illegal hit, period, no discussing and should have been 15 yards and he should have been ejected. It looked more like a right hook to Dre’s neck than a hold. For you folk talking about Upshaw’s “kick” read this and hear the other side of the story. Mathieu was simply beaten on a play and couldn’t handle being slower and shorter than a real player. As for all the people talking about trash talking, you apparantly have never been in any competitive athletic event so you opinion is worth about as much as the cheap shot the “honey badger” threw. LSU better pray the stars are aligned for either Oklahoma St. or Stanford because I am sure they want no more of the Crimson and White. ROLL TIDE!!

  • I am just curious as to what makes this play any more significant than the many unsportsman like conduct calls made just about every football game? I am not saying what he did was right,but geez get the hell over it and move on.. Bama lost and if I recall correctly it was a lot of their fans telling LSU fans not to be making excuses if LSU lost, yet here they are blaming one guy for their loss and wanting him punished to the extreme, for a bad play. As I point that out, I also want to state the fact that LSU had the ball when that happen and I am sure that the whole team was punished for that play, by negating the whole run by OBJ. People make mistakes and I am sure he will learn from this.

    • What makes it significant is it was a play intended to injure, there is no other way to look at it when you go for someones neck and hold on. I am not making any excuses, that play was dirtier than the chop blocking, chop block university (aubarn) does. You don’t go for a players neck and you don’t spear a player period, end of discussion. Bama would not have won on the five more yards if the foul had been called correctly. My problem with the whole cheap hit is Mathieu said that was a technique he has been taught. ROLL TIDE

  • Don’t want anyone to misunderstand what I wrote earlier. I can’t help but respect a team that comes out and whips you at the very game you dish out to other teams week in and week out. Whipped may not be the proper word here. I think both team took a whippin’ and I think both teams would have been happy if the game had ended in regulation. I thought Les Miles did a better job of coaching. Short kicks instead of long range field goal attempts by kickers that are sub par in the first place. Too much to ask. I thought coming into the game that LSU might be a little over rated and Bama might expose that and win in a close game. LSU made a believer out of me. They’re tough. Tough as Bama. I don’t think they play dirty football. Aggressive, yes! Mathieu’s penalty didn’t cause the loss. Completely uncalled for in a game of champions like that. The Tide spent 60 minutes backing themselves into a corner by not taking advantage of some things. I’m not gonna cry about the loss. LSU was better last Saturday. It kind of burns my butt when you auburn folks want Bama folks to stop whinning. You guys should wish you could line it up and compete in a game like that. We witnessed you lining it up with LSU a couple of weeks ago. Maybe next year. But this year? You guys aren’t in the same league with these two teams. Stop standing on the outside looking in and complaining about a game and the plays in it that you can’t measure up to this year. And you Tennessee folks….?…give me a frickin’ break! Play Auburn and leave the big boys alone.

  • I am just cracking up at people saying that Mathieu is not a real player, whatever. I have said earlier, I did think it was a cheap shot and it was totally unacceptable. However a lot of Bama fans think that the program is perfect and nothing ever, ever happens in Tuscaloosa. If they will remember that during the Saban era they have had about 8 players suspended for different infractions. Most of them were for improper dealings with agents, agents reps, taking improper benefits and such. So should we say that all the AL players are under handed because a few did the wrong thing? Should we say that the whole sports program at AL is bad because they have had their share of suspensions across several different sports? No we shouldn’t. In the end it is just a game, life will go on, lets not take this so seriously.

  • This pathetic crying by you updyke losers is very enjoyable. Please continue.

  • Cheap shot period! However the culture of thuggery is not just at LSU. It is pervasive throughout our youth culture. I will never understand why we think it is cool to be “gangsta”.

  • He’s out of the league… lets all move on.