Week 8: What Happened To You On Saturday?

Recappin’ a weekend of SEC Football action with a little attitude…

Razorbacks Avoid Humiliating Loss

When 5-1 teams beat 2-4 teams, it shouldn’t be considered a huge win, but the Arkansas Razorbacks victory over an awful Ole Miss team was huge.

Ole Miss executed their game plan early. They held the ball for all but 3:19 in the 1st quarter and only allowed Arkansas 1 yard past midfield. When you’re Ole Miss and the other team has better offensive players, better defensive players and better coaches, you need to hold onto the ball as long as possible and that’s what they did for one half of football.

Arkansas woke up and rattled off the first 22 points of the 2nd half. RB Dennis Johnson was running like Canadian track star/juice head Ben Johnson in the 2nd half as the Hogs were able to take regain the lead and hold off a comeback from an Ole Miss team who played their most promising game of the season.

This was a huge win for Arkansas mainly because what a loss would have meant. Arkansas won’t win the SEC West this year but they are the 3rd best team in a conference whose best two teams are the two best teams in College Football. They lost their best player, Knile Davis, before the season started and still managed to improve on last season and keep the program trending in the right direction. A loss to an inferior Ole Miss team would have erased all of that.

It’s Almost That Time

Alabama – LSU is less than 2 weeks away, and I still have no idea who will win that game. If you would have asked me a few weeks ago I would have said Alabama, simply because both teams have QB issues and good running backs, both teams have great defenses but Nick Saban is a better coach than Les Miles. Two weeks from now I have a feeling that everyone at College Gameday will pick Alabama for the exact same reason, but I’m not sure that they are so even anymore.

Heading into the bye week for both teams, I’m thinking the following… Alabama has the better running game. LSU has a better defense. LSU has better Quarterback play. LSU has better Receivers. Alabama has better coaching. Alabama has home field. If this game was played on a neutral field I think I would take LSU but it’s not being played on a neutral field, so I’m torn. I’m thankful I have 2 weeks to think about it.

With that said, LSU won the weekend battle and will remain #1. Alabama struggled for a half against a Tyler Bray-less Tennessee team while LSU destroyed Auburn with their 2 best players suspended for smoking fake drugs.

The Cocktail Party Where Everyone Will Need a Cocktail

The enormous amounts of alcohol will help with the pain of disappointing seasons.

Florida fans go into the Georgia game looking for something to get excited about, other than Tim Tebow coming back on the winless Dolphins. They are desperate for some signs of life from their true freshman QB’s. They are desperate to see something innovative out of Charlie Weis’ offense. They are desperate for Will Muschamp to prove he’s not a poor man’s Ron Zook.

Georgia fans are desperate to beat Florida, which has proven difficult even when they have the better team. They are desperate to win the SEC East (in a season where the title SEC East Champion has never meant less). They are desperate to see Aaron Murray and Isaiah Crowell and the rest of the Bulldogs young core show the league who the next powerhouse is.

We know that both of the fan bases want this game badly, but I’m not sure what team wants it more, and I’m not sure these two teams can provide anything close to what resembles an entertaining game… but the drinking will certainly help.

Week 8 A-Team

Dennis Johnson, RB Arkansas – 160 yards Rushing 1 TD in victory over Ole Miss.

Rueben Randle, WR LSU – 5 catches 106 yards 2 TD. Made both LSU QB’s look good against Auburn.

Zac Stacy, RB Vanderbilt – 198 yards 3 TD against Army. And the Army thought Vietnam was rough?

Sammy Watkins, WR Clemson – This guy isn’t in the SEC, but he plays like it. If you are not an LSU or Alabama fan and you are finding it hard to get excited about Saturdays, I highly recommend Mr. Watkins and the Clemson Tigers. They are the most entertaining team in College Football this season.

What They Meant To Say

“The AP said, “It may be time to start thinking of Jordan Rodgers as something other than Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ little brother”, but Aaron Rodgers pulled Erin Andrews (allegedly) and until Jordan accomplishes something like that he will just be Aaron Rodger’s little brother.”James Franklin, Head Coach Vandy

“Yeah our team and our fans are just thrilled. Our boys have been working hard all year. This is what The University of Kentucky is all about.” Joker Philips, Head Coach Kentucky on the Men’s Basketball Teams #2 Preseason Ranking in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll

“We played a great half of football, but no, we have no chance at winning a conference game this season.” Houston Nutt, Head Coach (as of Sunday night) Ole Miss, on his current 10 game conference losing streak


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