What Motivates You, Mr. Weis?

Photo from Icon SMI

After the Florida Gators surprised the nation with the Will Muschamp hire, the hiring of Charlie Weis as the offensive coordinator was possibly even more surprising.  Why would he take the same position in college as he currently had in the NFL?  What really is his reason for joining the Gator staff in Gainesville?

Weis has quite the resume.  He held offensive coaching positions on four NFL teams (Giants, Patriots, Jets and Chiefs).  He was the head coach at Notre Dame from 2005 to 2009.  In 2011, he starts as the offensive coordinator of the Florida Gators.

The interesting turn from the offensive coordinator with the Chiefs to the offensive coordinator with the Gators has many asking what exactly is his motivation.  Let’s look at a few options…


Ever since Notre Dame decided to kick out Weis, it’s a safe assumption that money is no longer his motivation. Weis is scheduled to continue getting paid by Notre Dame until 2015 while getting paid by his current employer. Pretty sweet. He received $6.6 million from Notre Dame for termination and will continue receiving undisclosed smaller payments each year until 2015. Well done, Notre Dame.


Family is indeed part of the equation.  Weis’ son is scheduled to attend Florida (he recently graduated high school) and will get an opportunity to work in the football program.  Charlie Weis, Jr. indeed wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and Weis will get the opportunity to spend part of his time at his new job with his son.  It’s a win-win for Weis & Weis.


While Weis has achieved great success in the NFL game with his various offenses, his success is possibly overshadowed by his failure at Notre Dame.  Returning to the college game gives the man a chance at redemption.  And redemption it will be if he is able to turn a miserable offense (2010 Gators) into a special offense and resurrect the career of the once-promising John Brantley.

Weis has succeeded in offense at every level.  Even at Notre Dame, his offenses were impressive and he was able to bring in big talent on that side of the ball.  He’s likely just not the CEO type and in Gainesville he will be in the comfortable position of being able to work the offense and not have to get the pressure of fans and the media that a head coach gets.  I think Weis does well in Gainesville.  Whether or not that is with John Brantley remains to be seen, however.

Being able to live and work with his son, be a part of a great college program, and get a chance to succeed in the college game… it’s really not that mysterious of a decision after all. Charlie Weis is 55 years old and has decades of coaching experience.  He has nothing to prove to anyone, and money is no longer an issue thanks to the impressive financial management of the Irish.  Good for Weis in doing what he feels best for him and his family regardless of expectations of the football world.