Will We See College Games On Sundays This Fall?

With the looming NFL negotiations and possible lockout, you can bet that television executives are scrambling to put together a contingency plan should there be no NFL this coming fall.  A logical plan could be to spread college football games over Saturday and Sunday each weekend.  After all, there is clear demand for football on Sundays, why not provide the supply?

While this is intriguing and of course, I’d watch college football on a Sunday as well as Saturdays, I have mixed feelings on this.  There is a bit of a concern over diluting the product somewhat.  For the most part, fans watch their team play plus the big games featuring huge matchups between top teams.  If you now attempt to fill two days of college football, you’re indeed putting on the air games that normally wouldn’t be for the mainstream audience.

Perhaps, they could spread SEC games across the two days, then at least I know I have several SEC games to watch.

What do you think?