2012 Uniforms for each SEC football program

Who’s excited for the 2012 football season?

A lot has changed since last year with the addition of two new teams to the Southeastern Conference. If you enjoy seeing the new football uniforms, you will like this article by Kevin. We like our tradition in the south, but who says we can’t add a little Oregon flair to our game? Here is the latest news on what the teams will be wearing on gameday this season:

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Alabama Uniforms
Although Michigan will be wearing commemorative uniforms to celebrate the first game of the season against the Crimson Tide, Alabama will be wearing their traditional design. I don’t think we’ll see an Alabama Nike Pro Combat uniform again this season.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Arkansas Uniforms
The Razorbacks have new uniforms for the 2012 season. Here are the photos of the new Arkansas Nike uniform.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Auburn Uniforms
Auburn has a new set of uniforms coming from Under Armour, which is why they didn’t mind cutting up last year’s uniforms to use as short practice shorts. The new uniforms this year will be traditional and almost the exact same as what they wore last season, just a fresh set for the players and a few minor tweaks as WarBlogle pointed out.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Florida Uniforms
The Gators will also be wearing their traditional uniforms this season. They did wear orange uniforms in the past and even these Nike Pro Combat uniforms in the 2010 Ouback Bowl, but there’s no sign that they are going to release new uniforms this football season.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Georgia Uniforms
There have been no crazy uniform designs released this year. So, UGA fans can rejoice in their silver britches and traditional attire. It appears there will not be a return of Georgia’s Nike Pro Combat uniform worn against Boise State last season.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Kentucky Uniforms
The Wildcats released 18 different uniform combinations on their official facebook page. It appears the black uniform used last year against Mississippi State is part of the standard attire and will be a more permanent color used in UK’s football uniforms.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
LSU Uniforms
There’s no sign that LSU will have new football uniforms this year. They had a special Nike Pro Combat uniform against Auburn last season, so we’ll wait and see if they do the same in 2012.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Mississippi State Uniforms
Dan Mullen announced the new Adidas TechFit uniforms for the 2012 season. The new uniforms even features “Hail State” in the collar. I think they look better than the Egg Bowl special uniforms last season.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Mizzou Uniforms
They are new to the conference and are proud to wear the SEC logo. Mizzou announced their new Nike uniforms this spring.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Ole Miss Uniforms
There has been no news in Oxford of anything different on the uniform. It’s safe to assume that Ole Miss will wear their traditional uniforms under new coach Hugh Freeze.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
South Carolina Uniforms
The Gamecocks are excited for this season and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a special uniform released for a game later this year, but there has been no news of it yet. They are an Under Armour school and wore a “Wounded Warrior” uniform last year and the year before.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Tennessee Uniforms
This is another Adidas school and here’s their TechFit uniform video from two years ago. The Vols are still wearing those Adidads uniforms. Derek Dooley is still wearing his orange pants and kids are still dressing up as him for Halloween.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Texas A&M Uniforms
The Aggies are new to the Southeastern Conference and will be wearing the SEC logo for the first time this season. They announced new Adidas TechFit uniforms in July. They even have their first jerseys for sale with the SEC logo.

Photos 2012 SEC Football Uniforms
Vanderbilt Uniforms
James Franklin has this team excited and has brought new life into the program. So, he took a page out of Oregon’s playbook and released new Nike uniforms and even had a pep rally for it. They have white helmets and the new look is probably one of the best in the SEC. Anchor Down.

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