This past Sunday, Mississippi State wide receiver coach Angelo Mirando resigned from his current position.

Now, we know why.

ESPN’s Joe Schad reported that Mirando indeed resigned due to an ongoing investigation linked to recruiting violations.

Mississippi State and the NCAA have confirmed the report, and MSU is working with the NCAA in cooperative efforts on the subject at hand.

Mirando released a statement of resignation and was said to resign because of “unforeseen personal issues”.

“I have enjoyed my time at Mississippi State as a graduate assistant and as an assistant coach. I have made friends that will last a lifetime; however, due to unforeseen personal issues, I believe it is in my best interest to resign from Mississippi State. I want to stress that these issues are personal. I look forward to pursuing other opportunities in the future. Finally, I want to thank my friend and mentor Dan Mullen for giving me this chance.”

Mirando officially became the MSU wide receiver coach after the Gator Bowl in 2011.

We’ll keep you updated as new information is released.

UPDATED: MSU DB Will Redmond’s name was mentioned in connection with the investigation by ESPN’s Joe Schad. Mullen wouldn’t comment directly on Redmond, but he did about Joe Schad.

“I would try to get a little more reliable source than Joe Schad,” Mullen told reporters. “I’m supposed to be coaching at State College (Penn State), I guess, right now, too, according to Joe Schad last year,” Mullen said. “Wasn’t that the case?”