Bama, LSU top newest AP Poll


AP Top 25 poll was just released, and there are six SEC teams in the top 25 and four in the top 10.  Alabama and LSU regain the top two spots, and Mississippi State moves into the top 25 for the first time this year:

1. Alabama
2. LSU
3. Oregon
4. Florida State
5. Georgia
6. Oklahoma
7. South Carolina
8. West Virginia
9. Stanford
10. Clemson
11. Notre Dame
12. Texas
13. USC
14. Florida
15. Kansas State
16. Ohio State
17. TCU
18. Michigan
19. UCLA
20. Louisville
21. Michigan State
22. Arizona
23. Mississippi State
24. Boise State
25. Nebraska

Mississippi State is getting some love, even though it was a tough game against Troy on the road 30-24. They are a sound club with a good quarterback and an underrated defense. The Bulldogs still have a ton of upside on their schedule, too.

How about Notre Dame jumping from #20 to #11 by defeating an overrated Michigan State? The Big Ten has played themselves right out of a national title already, and we’re just in week three.



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  • I don’t know if Michigan State was that overrated. They had a sound defense that just collapsed under all the pressure of being the Big 10’s last hope I think. ND is pretty good, Manti Te’o is a beast, second only to Jarvis Jones when it comes to linebackers. I could see them in sneaking into the Rose Bowl. How about UGA being #5, not getting snubbed this week! top 10 matchup against South Carolina as long as the Dawgs don’t shoot themself in the foot and the Cocks protect Shaw better.

  • The ACC is an effing joke. Florida State wins each game by an average of 50 points. They have the easiest path to the BCS. All they have to do is beat a mediocre Clemson team in Tallahassee on Saturday. Root for Clemson.

  • I’m looking forward to Tennessee going into Starkville. I think it is a must win for Dooley.

    • Jake, that wasn’t enough of a whopping for you? Starkvegas will end in a loss for the vols …..your pretty boy Dooley will be hitting the road….BP was already seen on a motor bike today up there with a stripper…just saying….

  • Georgia is sitting pretty at #5. The Dawgs control their own destiny. I like our chances this year.

  • So let me get this straight. Stanford is outside the Top 20 every week in the polls until they beat an overrated USC team and now they are a top 10 team. Must be alot of AP voters in California. We will find out if Florida St. or Clemson is for real next week. First real test for either team. South Carolina will get it first real test against Missouri next week, but I look for them to pull out the win, even with Shaw out. They will just do it with a different offensive approach, passing the ball, which is their offensive strength at the moment.

  • Id put Florida State 2, especially if they beat Clemson this coming Saturday. Mississippi State barely beats Troy and they’re in the top 25?

    • Clemson,Texas and Florida should be above Stanford and USC.

    • Seriously! Florida State is playing babies! Ex. Savannah State. Florida State should not be ahead of Georgia that is for sure! They should count themselves lucky!

    • What are you talking about? Stanford and USC are better than Clemson, Texas, and probably Florida. Florida has struggled in all of the first halves of each of its games. USC would out shoot Clemson or Texas, and Stanford would run down Clemson or Texas. Don’t count USC out after one game.
      Florida State has the easiest schedule of any team in FBS play. but I think that Georgia, WVU, Oregon, LSU, and Alabama are all easily better than them.

  • Where’s Ole Miss after the worst drubbing that they’ve had since 1917?

  • USCe isn’t going to beat Mizzou throwing the ball. They will need to lean on Lattimore to win this week AND hope thier Defense can slow Franklin down. I see Mizzou beating USCe and really throwing a wrench into the SEC East.

    Funny, you don’t hear the Cocks complaining about having to play Arky this year anymore…

    • We are not going to lose to Mizz. They completely fell apart playing Georgia in the 4th quarter, and its their first SEC game on the road, not to mention the hardest. Georgia should really be worrying about when they come to Williams Brice

  • yes My dawgs from Mississippi State are ranked. enough said and to ask why is crazy. why is Michigan ranked 18 with 1 loss ask that one

    • and why is the most overrated team USC ranked 13 after 1 one loss when they lost to a low ranked Stanford it makes no sense why unranked teams are not ranked and ones with losses are still high up