Everyone hates the Gators


The College Football Crazies have stretched, run a warm-up lap, and are rapidly approaching maximum crazy or Warp-Crazy, if you will.

The BCS rankings have Alabama #1 and Florida #2, despite the human polls having Oregon #2.  Oh, the humanity! Everyone is so scared of the nearly impossible scenario of two SEC teams playing in the BCS national championship game that they are attacking the SEC.  Well, not really all the SEC, they don’t have the balls to attack Alabama, the defending national champion and current #1 team in the country who hasn’t really played anyone yet, so they are redirecting all their SEC rage towards Florida.

Terms like “SEC bias” are being thrown around as an excuse to explain the atrocity of Florida being ranked ahead of Oregon or Kansas State.  Bias?  The human polls have Oregon #2.  Are you telling me the computers have an SEC Bias?  That’s the current line of attack?  Biased Computers?

What’s more likely, the computers have hidden code that favors the SEC or that the Gators have compiled a better resume than everyone else?  Besides, we’re the SEC, we can’t program computers.

If anyone has done anything ON THE FIELD to justify the #1 spot it would be Florida.  The highest ranked team to lose on Saturday was South Carolina.  Florida beat them by 33.  Still, during the Florida State – Miami game, Brent Musburger asked if Florida was in danger of being jumped in the BCS.  Herbstreit said, “It’s possible after how good Oregon looked against Arizona State (unranked, lost to Missouri) and how good Kansas State looked against West Virginia (worst defense in college football, lost to Texas Tech by 35 one week before).”  Musburger came back with, “Florida did beat up on South Carolina, but that game was at home.”

WHAT?  Are we not counting home games anymore?  Does that fact that the game was in Gainesville offset a 33 point win against a top ten opponent?  I feel like I’m taking Crazy Pills!

Florida’s resume to date is unmatched by anyone in College Football.  They have wins at home over BCS #6 LSU and #13 South Carolina, and on the road against #20 Texas A&M.  Kansas State has the second best resume with wins against #8 Oklahoma and #19 West Virginia, both on the road.

Alabama has one win against a team ranked in the BCS top 25, Michigan, #22.

Oregon has played seven games and is yet to beat anyone in the BCS top 25. The Duck’s best win might be against Arizona State, a team that lost to the same Missouri team that is 0-4 in the SEC.  It actually gets easier before it gets harder, because team Nike has 1-6 Colorado, maybe the worst team from a major conference (and maybe the minor conferences) in College Football before rounding it out with Stanford, USC and Oregon State. The Ducks might be 60 point favorites when the Colorado lines are revealed by Vegas. The biased computers will scoff at that win.

A common complaint about Florida’s win over South Carolina is they only had 183 total yards of offense. There were two reasons for that:  First, their defense and special teams were destroying South Carolina and creating turnovers in the red zone.  It’s tough to pile up the yards when you are starting drives inside the 3-yard line.  Those turnovers didn’t just happen, by the way, they were forced by what is starting to look like the best defense in the country.  Second, South Carolina has an awesome defense.  I know it’s a concept that seem crazy to those in the Pac and Big 12, but when you have the sure fire #1 pick in the 2014 NFL draft, DE Jadeveon Clowney, coming at you every play (even at 90% health) you’re going to have a lot of problems.

And did Florida’s offense really even struggle? The Gators scored touchdowns on six of their seven trips to the red zone. That seems pretty efficient, especially considering the level of talent they were playing against.

While everyone else is trying to downplay Florida’s wins and downplay the quality of their opponents, the Gators will be controlling their own destiny on the field.  While Oregon is curb-stomping those potheads in Colorado, Florida will be fighting for a chance to win the SEC East against #10 Georgia.  They will still have to play Florida State, who will likely be in the BCS top 10 by the time that game rolls around, and possibly the SEC West Champion, who will likely be in the BCS top 3.

I know it’s a complete waste of time to even complain about this with so much football to be played.  But, if anyone wants to throw around this SEC bias BS, grow a pair and direct it at Alabama, I dare you. Because the critics are right, if on-the-field results are the most important factor in deciding the best team in college football, the Gators shouldn’t be #2… They should be #1.



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  • I think Florida deserves to be #2 especially after SC. There is no doubting that they’ve earned the ranking probably more than anyone else. I think most people still think Alabama would beat Florida, and that’s a question that can be debated since they haven’t played eachother yet. It’s hard to go against Alabama, but anyone saying Florida doesn’t deserve the 2 spot is dumb or has an agenda. A Florida-Alabama undefeated SECCG would be great, but I’m rooting for the Dawgs this weekend! Georgia still has a chance to get into the BCS. We’re going to have to pick it up though.

    • You, sir, deserve a medal. Go Gators, but Georgia is definitely a Top-10 team. Should be a great game with your powerhouse offense and our shutdown defense. Also, it doesn’t bother me so much that people think Florida shouldn’t be #2. The games we win and the games we lose will ultimately decide where we end up. Nothing else. If we win out, no AP voter or coach can deny us the #1 ranking. It’s not realistic to think we’ll win out, but when you look at it, we started the season barely in the Top-25. I never expected us to have a shot at winning the SEC East, much less beating a Top-10 LSU and South Carolina. No matter how the critics look at it, this season is an amazing success for the Florida Gators.

  • Nobody is skeptical on Alabama, because we have dominated everybody this year. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t that good. Our schedule is more backloaded. We’ll dominate them too starting with Miss State on Saturday. I think it’s also a good time to add this:

    • I get so sick of seeing this picture and commenting about Tebow crying like a baby or a little girl!!! I can’t count the times I have seen young and older men in a lot of sports crying in happiness over a win or over a defeat. REAL men don’t have to be afraid to show their emotions.

    • Really your still stuck on this picture? Dont forget about Marquis Maze crying during the BCS game because he couldnt go back in and play…

      • He couldn’t go back in because of an injury you damn fool. Tebow had every chance to make that game his. There is a huge difference.

        • Still cryin. The Tebow picture everyone puts up. Everyone always brings up Tebow, he’s gone. Bama and Georgia fans always bring him up you damn fool.

    • Wow after this game tebow talked about how classy alabama’s players and coaches were its obvious their fans arent and lets take a look back at 1 year before this since we’re looking in the past shall we http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJthkjaDoWw also that year alabama was number 1 and florida was number 2 ;)

      • hey now, you can’t call all fans classless. they’re idiots in every family. he may not know it’s 2012 instead of 2010 lol

  • I am not convinced Florida is #1, even with the resume. No doubt they do have the best resume in all of CFB. I just think Bama is the top team in the country. They look like the best team and just read on Twitter that Bama would be favored by 9 against Florida. However, Saban will piss himself one day when his protege Muschamp puts that whoopin on em. May not be this year, but it’s comin’.

  • Just to vent a little.
    CBS is killin’ me. They just opted to use 6 day window to air UF-Missouri game. Which means it’ll eith be @ noon or 3:30pm. WTF, can CBS plz go !@$& another team over and let the Gators play @ night once this season. Would be nice to sit in The Swamp once this season with the sun down.
    Thank you, rant over.

    • Stow it, we didn’t have a single SEC night game all last year either. Nobody outside of Gainesville wants to watch UF beat down Mizzou in prime time, especially when LSU/Bama is on.

      • the alabama game was at night.. plus we’ve had 2 night games (albeit away) already this year. SC should have been at night, but can’t really complain about playin’ mizzou during the day.. I’m just hopin’ it’s not at noon.

    • it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if nobody played on cbs from the SEC. i can’t stand cbs. they go to the the announcers after every play it seems like. nobody wants to see your face gary danielson. you’re stupid enough with us hearing your woice much less putting a face with it. ok im done venting for a minute

  • Loved the article, very well written. It’s good to know that not everyone is freaking nuts. I’m a UGA fan, and I hate the Gators simply for being the Gators. However, I think that they have definitely earned their right to a high ranking. The whole purpose of the computers was to take away that human element, ranking Oregon high just for being Oregon, etc. These guys on TV talk just to talk, it’ll all work out in the end. Hopefully either KSU or Oregon will have at least one loss at the end of the year.

  • I think Bama is #1, Ore is #2, Fl is #3, K st is #4, LSWho is #5, and I think after this coming wkend, the ppl of Ore is going to HATE THE BCS EVEN MORE, that is, if ND can knock off Okla, if this happens, even if Ore beats Col by 100, I think they will fall to 5th in BCS!! I love seeing Bama win BCS Championships, but man ole man, I am ready for some playoffs!!! RTR

  • Think everyone gets a lil too concerned with rankings. Especially if you’re an sec fan. If you are a Bama, UF, LSU, or even Miss State fan and you really think your team has a shot…JUST WIN BABY! The rest will take care of itself. Notre dame’s luck will run out in Norman, Oregon could still trip up (though not as likely) and K State will never pass an unbeaten Bama or Gator team… So if you are the best… Win on Saturdays and in atlanta and you will get a chance to prove it.

    • Yep, five teams control their destiny: Alabama, UF, LSU, Miss State and Georgia. Win and it will all work out. Two of the 5 will not control their own destiny after this weekend.

  • The problem truly is the schedule. By the time Bama get’s to play anyone, they’ve already lost their ranking. Why should that be held against them.
    And why doesn’t Bama get to beat the FL during the regular season?

    • you really think florida’s conference schedule isn’t hard enough already? please look at georgia and alabama’s…

    • Because in the SEC you rotate teams from the other side of the conference (exept for one permanent team, the Gators is LSU). As SEC fan would not need to ask that question…..

    • Sundealer, what you’ve just said … is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • We will see. Since there is an SEC championship game, the issue will be decided on the field and not in some server farm.
    There’s a cure for SEC dominance: just beat us.

  • My concern with the computers is the fact that no one knows what is being used to create the rankings. Take Louisville, for example, who is undefeated, but has played one team with a winning record (North Carolina) and the combined record of 14 wins and 39 losses and have not played a single ranked team. Yet, they have a higher computer ranking than 8 or 9 teams. Several of those teams have played at least one ranked team and even if they lost, that should carry more weight than beating a 1 or 2 win team. Why does the BCS allow the computer “experts” to be so secretive about how their ranking programs are designed? Put it out there, so people will understand the system. As long as the criteria is kept secret, there will always be those that question their validity. What is there to hide?

  • i DESPISE florida…im a Tennessee fan……….but having said that THE SEC IS THE BEST CONFERENCE THERE is and we have been saying that for years Florida deserves to be #2……..and their record will prove it……..just look at TEXAS AM & M…..they wanted to come here to play ,..thought it would be a walk in the park…WRONG ! wake up and face the truth ……….the SEC is the conference to beat every year.. no denying that !!!!!

    • Florida hasnt proved a thing. They wont get past the Dawgs

      • South Carolina tore Georgia a new one, and the Cocks’ defense had the Bulldogs stumped; the Gator defense is at least just as good as the Cocks, though I would say better. With how much potential the Bulldogs have, they should be playing much better than they have been…it’s a shame how your coaching staff is putting so much talent to waste. Georgia almost lost it to Kentucky (and should have in my opinion)…If they continue to play like they have been they’re going to get stomped by the Gators.

        • i agree and im a georgia fan although i hope we beat florida this weekend i see it unlikely. if gators establish the run game we will lose.

        • SC scored 21 points in the first 5 minutes of the game….they score 14 in the final 3 and 3/4 quarters. One of those TD’s was on a 70 yard pass that bounced off a defenders head.

      • proven* haha bama fans make me laugh

        • another grammar Nazi…..marvelous. Perhaps if you’re lucky, we’ll all get the opportunity to watch you do your Tebow imitation on Dec 1st.

      • Well, if a single win equates to proving, they’ve proved they’re better than LSU and South Carolina. They get a chance to prove they are better than Georgia which I suspect they are. They’ll likely get a chance to prove they’re better than Alabama in Atlanta which most suspect they are not.

  • I agree with this article, but you are missing something on one of your quotes:
    “It’s tough to pile up the yards when you are starting drives inside the 3-yard line.” I seem to remember it taking UF 3 tries each time they got to the 3 yard line. Its not like they were just walking in with no problem, and they punted on almost every possession where they had to take the ball more than 50 yards (albeit, that didnt happen much in that one)….just sayin, there is always a red lining

  • Another argument is let’s look at 2008 – the Florida Gators play the highest scoring team in the history of NCAA football. The Sooners averaging 54 points per game heading into the National Championship. OH MY!!! an SEC defense and a measly 14 points. Case closed…

  • If Florida wins convincingly against Georgia this weekend, could they jump Alabama in the polls?

  • Alabama’s best win: Bama 41, Michigan 14
    UF’s best win(s): Gators 44, SC 11 & Gators 14 LSU 6
    K State’s best win: KSU 24, Oklahoma 19
    Oregon’s best win: Ducks 43, ASU 21 (the Ducks have won all but one of their games this year by at least 20, it’s about quality, not quantity.)
    Notre Dame’s best win: ND 20, Stanford 13 (on top of the UM game which they won.)

    When I look at that, it gives me this strange feeling that the Gators should be ranked #1. At least for this week until Alabama plays their game against Miss. State this weekend, then you guys can have it back. Also, I don’t feel the Ducks should even be in the top 5, they haven’t had an even close to quality opponent this season. For all any of us know, the Ducks could fall off the minute they hit the field against Stanford, USC, or Oregon State. Finally, maybe we should start thinking/worrying about ND. They’re independents, so that takes away the rough conference schedule, and also means if the AD is smart, he’ll have placed cupcake games in the schedule for ND to whoop up on then carry that momentum into the next game.

  • Florida definitely deserves the #2 spot, maybe even #1, after their winning stretch against ranked opponents (even though they were all at home, thanks to Mizzou and TA&M for screwing up the schedules).

  • Although I would like to see an SC-FLA runback at a neutral location, SC beat themselves in the swamp Saturday. I know I’m biased but if you even watched the game you’d agree. The Gamecocks came in with half the team recovering from the flu (including our leading receiver, offensive linemans, and defensive players. Lattimore only played 4 plays due to his injured hip, and Clowney still put up a remarkable performance on the edge with basically a broken foot. After 4 years of beating every team in the East, we finally went down. Congrats Florida on regaining the east, I hope y’all go all the way! See you next year in Columbia! :)