The College Football Crazies have stretched, run a warm-up lap, and are rapidly approaching maximum crazy or Warp-Crazy, if you will.

The BCS rankings have Alabama #1 and Florida #2, despite the human polls having Oregon #2.  Oh, the humanity! Everyone is so scared of the nearly impossible scenario of two SEC teams playing in the BCS national championship game that they are attacking the SEC.  Well, not really all the SEC, they don’t have the balls to attack Alabama, the defending national champion and current #1 team in the country who hasn’t really played anyone yet, so they are redirecting all their SEC rage towards Florida.

Terms like “SEC bias” are being thrown around as an excuse to explain the atrocity of Florida being ranked ahead of Oregon or Kansas State.  Bias?  The human polls have Oregon #2.  Are you telling me the computers have an SEC Bias?  That’s the current line of attack?  Biased Computers?

What’s more likely, the computers have hidden code that favors the SEC or that the Gators have compiled a better resume than everyone else?  Besides, we’re the SEC, we can’t program computers.

If anyone has done anything ON THE FIELD to justify the #1 spot it would be Florida.  The highest ranked team to lose on Saturday was South Carolina.  Florida beat them by 33.  Still, during the Florida State – Miami game, Brent Musburger asked if Florida was in danger of being jumped in the BCS.  Herbstreit said, “It’s possible after how good Oregon looked against Arizona State (unranked, lost to Missouri) and how good Kansas State looked against West Virginia (worst defense in college football, lost to Texas Tech by 35 one week before).”  Musburger came back with, “Florida did beat up on South Carolina, but that game was at home.”

WHAT?  Are we not counting home games anymore?  Does that fact that the game was in Gainesville offset a 33 point win against a top ten opponent?  I feel like I’m taking Crazy Pills!

Florida’s resume to date is unmatched by anyone in College Football.  They have wins at home over BCS #6 LSU and #13 South Carolina, and on the road against #20 Texas A&M.  Kansas State has the second best resume with wins against #8 Oklahoma and #19 West Virginia, both on the road.

Alabama has one win against a team ranked in the BCS top 25, Michigan, #22.

Oregon has played seven games and is yet to beat anyone in the BCS top 25. The Duck’s best win might be against Arizona State, a team that lost to the same Missouri team that is 0-4 in the SEC.  It actually gets easier before it gets harder, because team Nike has 1-6 Colorado, maybe the worst team from a major conference (and maybe the minor conferences) in College Football before rounding it out with Stanford, USC and Oregon State. The Ducks might be 60 point favorites when the Colorado lines are revealed by Vegas. The biased computers will scoff at that win.

A common complaint about Florida’s win over South Carolina is they only had 183 total yards of offense. There were two reasons for that:  First, their defense and special teams were destroying South Carolina and creating turnovers in the red zone.  It’s tough to pile up the yards when you are starting drives inside the 3-yard line.  Those turnovers didn’t just happen, by the way, they were forced by what is starting to look like the best defense in the country.  Second, South Carolina has an awesome defense.  I know it’s a concept that seem crazy to those in the Pac and Big 12, but when you have the sure fire #1 pick in the 2014 NFL draft, DE Jadeveon Clowney, coming at you every play (even at 90% health) you’re going to have a lot of problems.

And did Florida’s offense really even struggle? The Gators scored touchdowns on six of their seven trips to the red zone. That seems pretty efficient, especially considering the level of talent they were playing against.

While everyone else is trying to downplay Florida’s wins and downplay the quality of their opponents, the Gators will be controlling their own destiny on the field.  While Oregon is curb-stomping those potheads in Colorado, Florida will be fighting for a chance to win the SEC East against #10 Georgia.  They will still have to play Florida State, who will likely be in the BCS top 10 by the time that game rolls around, and possibly the SEC West Champion, who will likely be in the BCS top 3.

I know it’s a complete waste of time to even complain about this with so much football to be played.  But, if anyone wants to throw around this SEC bias BS, grow a pair and direct it at Alabama, I dare you. Because the critics are right, if on-the-field results are the most important factor in deciding the best team in college football, the Gators shouldn’t be #2… They should be #1.