FAU giving Bama some locker room material


Wait, what? FAU is talking trash about Alabama this weekend?

Unfortunately for them, they certainly are, and fresh off a curb-stomping against Georgia last weekend 56-20, too.

FAU LB Cory Henry gets the ball rolling for this week’s trash talking edition. Bama is a 50.5 point favorite over the Owls this weekend in Tuscaloosa.

“They ain’t what people think,” FAU defensive end Cory Henry said. “They’re good and everything but they can beat, too. They just execute well. They just execute and beat you.”

“We got speed against them,” Henry said. “You got speed you can win.”

What he meant to say is it’s Old Man Football. And Old Man Football turns into grown man football all too quickly.

Western Kentucky engaged in trash talk towards the Tide, too, and they threw up a big fat goose egg on the scoreboard – shut out 35-0.

Let’s talk more about the FAU-Georgia game last week. Georgia set a school record of 713 yards of total offense. FAU is currently ranked 105th in total defense, spotting their opponents 469 yards per game. And as irony would have it, the Owls are also 105th in total offense, too.

One day teams will learn not to run their mouths and hopefully just catch a sleeping giant…sleeping. Alabama is seeking its third consecutive shutout for the first time since 1966, and you better believe they will be aiming to do just that against the Owls.



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  • They’re so cute in their little uniforms; all dressed up like little football players…

  • My dad had a saying, “Never pick a fight with an Old Man – he’ll just kill you.” Pay attention fau.

  • Not smart. Bama has kids in the stands that can put together a scratch team and win against their non-conference schedule.

  • I grew up in Gainesville, but go to school at FAU in North Miami….I have a class with a couple players and they always seem negative about playing top tier teams because they know how bad they will be beat…..my thought on this is….hey at least get beat with your head held high and give it your best…I am really surprised (in a good way) with this because the players I come in contact with down here don`t talk shit about teams that will obviously destroy them…

  • Jr. needs to learn to keep that alligator mouth from overloading his tadpole butt, but who cares, we’ll show him who’s boss in the end. “Ignorance is NOT bliss”! The Tide is gonna roll….AGAIN!!!!!!!!!