Fans paint anti-Dooley comments on rock, Tennessee administration removes it

Fire Coach Derek Dooley painted Tennessee Rock

After the loss to Mississippi State on Saturday (view highlights), some Tennessee fans painted the iconic rock on campus:

Fire Coach Derek Dooley painted Tennessee Rock

Some of the messages painted on the rock include:

  • “Not SEC Worthy”
  • “Fire Fooley”
  • pair of orange pants crossed out
  • “No Leadership!”
  • “0-13 -> ranked opps.”
  • “Never won Bowl game”
  • “Never beat AL, FL, or GA”
  • “1st Loss to KY in 26 yrs!”
  • “14-17 Overall”

Within hours, the University of Tennessee had painted over the rock to cover up the message:

University of Tennessee Rock on Knoxville Campus

Photos of the rock were provided by reporter Fallon Smith in this tweet and this tweet. Remember when Tennessee fans voiced their opinions about Lane Kiffin on the rock? Against Miss State, Derek Dooley had to coach from the press box and was in a wheelchair. Here’s a photo of him after the game on Saturday:

Tennessee Football Coach Derek Dooley in Wheelchair



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  • I Can Relate…but at least they have a coach who WANTS it. Meanwhile, in Athens GA winning isn’t important as long as other teams can beat them. Guess CMR will be tweeting his affection for the gators this week.

  • As bad as he may be, He’s not the worst coach in the SEC. Ask Kentucky fans how much they love Joker. Still yet, they love their school so much they wouldn’t dare deface it with graffiti.

  • Dooley is hot water. Do the Vols want to spend 9 million (5 mil buyout, 4 mil on new coach) on getting a top tier coach? If not, Dooley needs more time

    • Too expensive to buy him out this year. I think Sunseri needs time to get his style of recruits in there, I think prob a new OC is in order, his play calling sometimes just puzzles me. I say with Auburn falling apart it might be time to look at bringing ole Trooper back in to the family.

  • Tenn fans we have been there I have just two words for you SLY CROOM!!!! So no matter how bad you think it is it could be worse.

  • IMO Yall need to extend Dooley’s contract.