TCU’s Gary Patterson said to be leading candidate at Arkansas

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Pete Roussel of has been informed that TCU head coach Gary Patterson has now emerged as the leading candidate for the Arkansas head coaching job.

Patterson has been the head coach at TCU since 2000, and TCU just joined the Big 12 this season. Patterson has a 115-33 career record at TCU.

In 2009, Patterson was named Coach of the Year for leading his Horned Frogs to a 12-1 record, but he one-upped himself the very next year by running the table at 13-0 and winning the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin.

Former Ole Miss, Auburn and current Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville has long thought by some to be a leading candidate at Arkansas.

Patterson is a defensive-minded coach, and he would be a terrific hire for the Hogs if this deal were to get done.

But the question still remains: would Patterson actually take the job at Arkansas? It’s easier to win in the Big 12 at TCU than it is at Arkansas, playing the likes of Alabama and LSU every year.


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  • This would be a sick hire for Arkansas and the SEC. Always loved Patterson but always thought he’d end up at Tennessee for some reason. Great coach, but it will be tough to win at Ark every year.

  • I hope they they are using something more credible than a Bo Mattingly tweet. I live in the DFW Metroplex and have seen first hand what Gary Patterson has done for TCU. He is invested in that program more than any other head coach. He personally raised money to finance the facilities expansions. If this is just another “I am going to get some ink today, let’s tweet that Gary Patterson is the leading candidate for the job” bs without any real source then it needs to stop now. With all these unfounded rumors and instant analysis you people are feeding into the divisive and garbage talk that is going on about the Razorback program.

  • Considering the state that the Arky program is in, Gary Patterson is a home run hire. Heck, I’d love for the Vols to get him. Seriously, a great hire if it happens. I’m surprised he’d leave TCU (Big 12) for Arkansas. Toughest division in CFB.

  • Bo Mattingly is a moron. I live in Arkansas and I love the station that he is on. Even though they are all AR fans I like all of them EXCEPT Mattingly. If someone has a different opinion then him, automatically they are dead wrong. He talked so much trash about Mizzou and A&M before the season started and now doesn’t really have much to say about the joke that is the Razorbacks. This guy is an idiot and if what we are going on is his tweet then I’d say Patterson to Arkansas has about a 10% chance right now.

    But enough about him. I’d be surprised if Patterson left for Arkansas. He does fantastic every year with TCU and he’d go somewhere where he has to play Alabama and LSU every single year? Not only that but A&M has shown them that they belong in the SEC. If he does go to AR he is going to have to get used to losing games from time to time.

  • “Easier to win in the Big 12 at TCU than Arkansas in the SEC”? LOL, tell that to A&M.