If you have watched Tyrann Mathieu at all, you may not think humble is in his dictionary.

Perhaps his Twitter war with AJ McCarron was the reason Mathieu was left at home for SEC Media Days.

The one thing he’s working on this season? Staying humble.

“Absolutely,” he said without hesitation. “I work on it every day [staying humble].”

Mathieu said he has reached out to former LSU stars Patrick Peterson and Morris Claiborne about how to stay humble though the fame.

“It’s tough, but I have to reach out to guys like Morris and Patrick and see what those guys have to say. They tell me to stay humble no matter how high you get in life, or how low. Recognize that you’re a football player, and hard work is something you have to do every day.”

As for Les Miles, he likes the whole Honey Badger routine, and he’s called it fun, humorous and entertaining recently, and he doesn’t want Mathieu to change his persona or the way he plays.

“If that works for him, that’s all good,” Miles said. “I just hope he relaxes and plays like he’s capable and as a leader on my team. He need not be so insistent to please others.”

And you wonder why Miles is beloved by his players. He’s a player’s coach, and kids gravitate towards that.

Mathieu said the Heisman is still on his mind in his junior year.

“I think Heisman is on everybody’s mind that plays big-time college football,” Mathieu said. “I’ll be excited if I’m fortunate enough to get back to New York.”

Mathieu wasn’t listed as a top 10 player on the watch list or even on the “others to watch”. You can’t expect a defensive player to win the Heisman, but Mathieu will try and prove once again he’s the biggest defensive playmaker in the SEC.

The Honey Bager don’t care, and neither does Les Miles.