Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend in the spotlight

When you win the Heisman trophy, you are officially in the spotlight…

Johnny Manziel’s twitter account went from 30,000 followers to over 150,000 followers the night he received the award. His family trademarked the “Johnny Football” nickname and he could win multiple Heisman trophies. He was the first freshman to win the prestigious award after an impressive first SEC season for Texas A&M. He was on the David Letterman Show last night and everything he does is getting a lot of attention.

College football message boards are blowing up with not only Johnny Football’s amazing statistics this season and his highlight reel, but now with photos from Johnny’s trip to New York with his girlfriend for the Heisman Award presentation. Johnny Manziel is dating a senior at Texas A&M, Sarah Savage, and the photos posted by the couple on their instagram accounts are spreading throughout the college football world. Here are a few of them:

Johnny Manziel New York Sarah Savage Girlfriend

Johnny Manziel Heisman Trophy Girlfriend Sarah Savage

Sarah Savage Photo Heisman Trophy Johnny Manziel

Johnny Football Girlfriend Photo Sarah Savage

Johnny Manziel model girlfriend Texas A&M

Johnny Manziel with Sarah Savage Heisman Photos

Johnny Manziel Girlfriend Texas A&M Aggies Football