Kentucky Puts Billboard Right Above Louisville Campus Building

“It’s Football Time In The Bluegrass!!!!! #WEAREUK” is plastered on a billboard above one of in-state rival Louisville’s main campus buildings.

Kentucky officials confirm the billboard was not put there to enrage Cardinal fans.

“We didn’t even consider the proximity of that billboard to another campus when we made the decision to purchase the space,” said Jason Schlafer, a senior associate athletics director at the University of Kentucky.

“We bought a billboard in a high-profile location that fit our rotational needs in a high-traffic interstate location,” he explained. “Their campus is on an interstate and we happen to buy outdoor advertising in high-traffic areas like interstates.”

I’m an SEC fan first, but I don’t believe this bologna. When will a public relations official come and out and say, “Yeah, we put it right above Louisville’s campus, and we’re going to keep there, especially after we whoop that tail opening weekend”.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Louisville, in turn, has created a YouTube video mocking Kentucky fans, and Big Time Yurts, a Louisville based apparel company, is making a push to sell 900 bumper stickers and rent an interstate billboard space that exclaims “Lexington is for the Birds”.

The billboard design is below on Big Yurts’ website.

These two bitter rivals square off week one in Louisville.