PHOTOS: LSU SEC Championship Rings Will Remind Tigers Of Losing To Alabama Forever

Remember that thing that happened in your life that you want to forget and you just can’t?

Yeah, well, that would be the Alabama game for LSU Tigers players and fans.

Instead of celebrating with just an SEC Championship ring that maybe says the opponent or the score of the game, LSU picked a design that reminds them of being ranked “#2 NATIONALLY”.

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There’s no problem with SEC Championship rings; none at all. However, to put “# 2 NATIONALLY” on the ring will remind the Tiger players they were exactly that, ranked behind Alabama. It’s embarrassing.

In hindsight, it would have been much better to leave off that little yet very significant engraving and maybe put the score of 42-10 instead, to remind them of thrashing Georgia in Atlanta.

“#2 NATIONALLY, and proud of it.”

What do you think of these rings?