In ‘Lattimore Day’ proclamation, Spurrier finds a way to jab Clemson and Dabo


In the wake of Marcus Lattimore’s tragic knee injury, some 1,500 USC fans showed their support for their injured star on his birthday. It was a great gesture from the university to hopefully lift the spirits of the crushed running back and his family. The outpouring of love and support from many around the SEC and the country is quite unheard of for any single player. I’ve never seen anything like it, but it’s quite deserving for such a great young man who has had a lasting impact on the university.

South Carolina governor Nikki Haley issued a proclamation designating Monday, October 29, 2012, as “Marcus Lattimore Day” throughout the state of South Carolina.

In a statement, Haley said, “Michael and I ask every South Carolinian to join our family as we lift up in prayer Marcus Lattimore and his mother Yolanda Smith during this challenging time. He has been more than just a Carolina football player – he is a great role model for our state.”

The crowd sang Lattimore “Happy Birthday”, and he responded to Steve Spurrier via text message that said, “Tell ‘em I’ll be back”.

But Spurrier also had some unanticipated words to say about Clemson and Dabo Swinney. Swinney and Spurrier have exchanged jabs over the course of a few months. And Swinney had some very kind things to say about Marcus Lattimore after his injury:

“Just absolutely took my breath away. I was watching it, and it breaks my heart. I am sorry for him and his family. This is a guy that represents all the good things that college football should be about. He is a class young man and so is his family and I know how hard he worked.

“If there is anybody I would bet on it is Marcus Lattimore. I know it will be a long process but I tell you what, I would put my money on Marcus Lattimore In a heartbeat. When he comes to terms with this, he will do everything he can to come back. My prayers go out to him and his family. I have been heavy-hearted for him.

“He is a winner in every regard. Hopefully we haven’t seen the last of him from a football standpoint. He has been a great representative for his family and his university. I will lift him up in my prayers.”

And Spurrier being Spurrier couldn’t help but mention “that upstate school” in his speech to the crowd. Here’s a video of the celebration and speech from Spurrier about Lattimore, with his comments about Dabo Swinney and Clemson:

“A lot of quotes came across the nation and I read one from our upstate school – you know the school that used to beat us a lot that doesn’t beat us much any more. That one! Usually when that coach up there talks about South Carolina, it’s a bunch of garbage and a bunch of BS, but I have to agree with him on what he said the other day. He said Marcus Lattimore stands for what’s right about college football.”

Spurrier was trying to get the crowd riled up in a way only he can with the “garbage and BS” talk. Many made a big deal about his comments, but when put into context, it wasn’t that bad. But perhaps it just wasn’t the right time to do it.

Most Gamecocks fans, however, think there is never a bad time to take a shot at Clemson.



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  • I love Spurrier. He used to this stuff directed toward FSU all the time. I guarantee you South Carolina fans all agree there isn’t a bad time to poke fun at your hated rival.

  • Marcus Lattimore is a great Talent and it is a damn shame that he got injured.
    From what I hear he has also been an awesome kid off the field and I feel like the all of the respect and attention is probably well deserved.
    However, there are young men risking their lives for our freedoms who do not receive any attention in injury or in death and I feel like the state of South Carolina dedicating a day to a football player who blew out his knee is a little much. Know I will probably catch hell for this but thought someone should put this in perspective.

    • Probably the first time ever agreeing with a Dawg…you hit the nail on the head, JP.

    • I not only agree with that, but it sort of is a jab at the more lesser known players that also get severely injured. Speaking about the tragedy of Marcus Lattimore is just fine and I’ve done it numerous times, but there is a line that you can cross – i agree – both on the perspective of football players vs soldiers who get their limbs blown off and even other football players that get carted off the field into anonymity.

      • Yup and to your point on the lesser known players…just read where UF lost Patton for the year and that was not even mentioned during the game or in any of the post game talk. I knew he had been injured but this is the first Ive heard about the severity because the morons at ESPN are more concerned with sports entertainment than sports news.

        • Yeah trust me guys, here in columbia we really do understand this might be getting blown a little out of proportion. Marcus is indeed everything everybody’s making him out to be, but we do need to remember our soldiers, firefighters, and cops that risk their lives for us everyday. We didn’t ask for the national media to blow this up like this. About that jab at clemson though…. Cuck flemson!!!! Bunch of no good incest hillbillys led by a tiny man with a rather large head.

        • Just pointed a Clemson fan to The_real_usc’s comments and he said South Carolina is a more redneck and more trashy version of Florida State. Thoughts?

        • Ha! They rub some stupid ass rock that they got from all the way across the country. They think they’re a top 5 team every year and find a way to finish the season as the laughing stock of the country (west Virginia is still scoring). The only way to get to clemson from columbia is to go north until you smell it, and then west until you step in it.

    • I’m a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, and also a Gator fan (ergo I will miss Patton like any other UF fan this year); and yet i really don’t have a problem with the whole Lattimore Day/ game in honor of him. He’s done more for USC than any other player in USC history. Has Patton done that? Is Patton better than Harvin, Tebow, Wuerfful, E. Smith, etc etc? Idk, but UF’s had a lot of stand out players that have done a great deal. None though, in USC’s history has done so much. Not only that, but he seems to be a good kid, with a good heart. You never hear any negative coming from/about this guy. It’s always about how much GOOD he does for the school, the game, the community, his family; why shouldn’t he get a game honored in his name?
      As far as there being other people more deserving of a dedicated game (i.e. military); USC dedicates a game every year to the Armed Services. At least I know they did 19Nov2011. So it’s not like USC ONLY honors great athletes. I really think there are honoring a great athlete BECAUSE he’s a great guy.
      USC lost a great player that has done a great deal of good for that whole state. As a veteran, and UF fan, I say congrats to Lattimore for everything coming his way. You go man.

      • Yeah not saying they can dedicate a day of the year to every fallen soldier…but just putting this in perspective …it is just a game…and it’s just an injury. Its a damn shame that it happened to him again and he is as talented as he is, but it happens every day to plenty of good kids…and life goes on. However life does not necessarily go families if the fallen. Also…not taking anything away from Lattimore because he is certainly talented in ways most aren’t but he only played one full season…so can you really say that in one full season he has done more for USC than any other player?

        • In my opinion yes. I’m not just talking about on the field stuff he does. He’s been a huge success in USC’s recruiting. Does lots of charity work and his known for conducting himself as a gentleman. You asked if i see any other player doing more for USC than Lattimore? I say no, he’s it. Let me ask you? Top of your head, what USC player has done more.

  • I agree with JPDawgFan…..I respect Lattimore and all, but I think there are others who deserve this honor more. If anything, this should show everyone that there is more to life than football.

  • First of all what Dabo said was very nice and I do agree with him as well, second Spurrier was just doing what pretty much anyone at USC would do, bash Clemson. It’s like a greeting at our school. It’s part of being a Gamecock.

  • A few things to consider:

    1. Marcus Lattimore did not ask for a special day of recognition. Anyone who knows him knows his humble nature and he would never be arrogant enough to ask for a day of recognition.
    2. Our military do deserve more recognition and support. We can get so caught up in insignificant and irrelevant things like college football, we forgot who are the real heroes.
    3. Personalities are different. I probably would not have taken even the tiniest of jabs at clem because it is not my nature and personality. Spurrier’s personality is different than mine and he took a tiny jab at clem (really Dabo because he runs his mouth so much) and spent the rest of the time when talking about clem agreeing with what they (or Dabo) said.
    4. I hope those who got so upset at this tiny nothing are not hemophiliacs because if their skin is that thin, they will surely bleed to death.

  • As far as Spurrier’s comments go: who cares, Clemson isn’t even in the SEC. If Jimbo Fisher were to say something like what Spurrier said, I’d say !@#$ Jimbo; HOWEVER, had Muschamp said it, I’d just smile. It’s just part of the rivalry.

  • Props and prayers to Lattimore! I hope we get to see him play again. As far as Spurrier, I love his wittiness (Spurrierisms as I call them) but as always, he lacks class. I totally get the whole banter between rivals but given the severity of the situation and the genuiness expressed, he should have refrained from being the jackwagon that he is. Call it poor timing if you want. Guess it just reminds me of why I don’t like him.