Things are crazy this time of year, real crazy. Coaches are getting fired and other coaches are leaving for promotions. But what usually does not happen is a big-time established SEC football player like Michael Dyer transferring to another school like Arkansas State.

Yes, I realize the deal isn’t done, yet. However, it’s in the works, and it’s very close to being done.

Gene Chizik suspended Dyer indefinitely before the Chick-fil-A Bowl game in Atlanta. He did not play in that football game.

Tons of whispers about Dyer and his behavior have come out recently, but I won’t speculate on what I do not know.

Dyer has supposedly filed paper work to enroll at Arkansas State for his remaining football career. He’s from Arkansas.

He is a premier player, and he was absolutely the second or third best back in this league this season as a sophomore. He would have been arguably the best running back in the SEC heading into his draft-eligible junior season.

It has been said that Dyer was asked not to return to Auburn, and that if he wanted to play football anymore he would have to transfer.

Obviously, his offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn has accepted the head-coaching job at Arkansas State that was vacated by Hugh Freeze, who moved on to Ole Miss. So, Dyer knows who his head coach will be.

But Dyer will have to sit out a year for transferring to another D1 school.

Chizik has given no further or definite indication of Dyer’s intent to transfer or his status on the team, but that he would have to earn his spot back on the team.

This is certainly a strange situation that could change at any point at the moment.