Mo Isom trying to make history this week at LSU

“She just won’t give up.”

If only every college football player – namely Tyrann Mathieu – could have Mo Isom’s mentality, more college athletes could excel at what they do.

She’s still trying to become the first female football player in SEC history. And she won’t give up.

Isom went out for the LSU football team in the spring as a place kicker. She was unsuccessful at that time, but she still has the faith that she can make the coveted roster spot this fall.

Isom is the former homecoming queen and a star soccer player for the Tigers. And she has one more year of eligibility left.

So, tomorrow and Wednesday are her tryout days for the Tigers.

LSU already has one of the best special teams in the SEC, with the top punter in Brad Wing and kicker Drew Alleman, and the roster is saturated with athletes lining up to be kick returners.

But Isom, the competitor, wants to earn this spot. It’s unlikely that she beats out current place kicker Drew Alleman, and I guarantee you she doesn’t want to be given anything, not even a place in history.

But Isom wouldn’t be your average female donning pads. She’s 6-1, and around 195 pounds. In comparison, the starter Alleman is 5-10, 185 pounds.

She has repeatedly said, “I just want to do whatever I can to continue to be a Tiger.”

The general temperature around the SEC is “if she can rightly earn the spot, let her play”. That’s what I say, too.

And she would have it no other way.

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