New Missouri Nike Uniforms

The University of Missouri and Nike released the new uniforms that Mizzou will be opening up with in the SEC. Here are some photos:

Here is a link to the official Mizzou site and more photos.



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  • They look good – I like ’em a lot. Looking forward to our Bama “D” messing ’em up.

  • they need to leave the clown costumes for the Pac 12. hideous.

  • I like them; can’t decide which one of the 2 I like best though. Don’t be a hater colreb404, they’re just uniforms, what clownish about them. Perhaps you would like something a little more basic and boring, like just words written on their helmet.

    • they don’t fit in with the SEC norm. i hate to see my tradition-laden conference having teams like Mizzou wearing these things. the more they do things like this, the more they’re going to be seen as the step-brother to the original members. all i can think about when i see this uni is the abortion that was the UGA power ranger costumes against Boise St. yuck.

  • I love the top helmet and the white/black unis. I dont think they are nearly as over the top as some of the other stuff we’ve seen come from nike lately. (UGA’s unis from last year comes to mind where the only good thing about them were the helmets.)

  • you want to talk about clown uniforms… how about Maryland’s from last season, these are classy compared to those.

  • Well we learned last year that the Nike uniforms win championships. Oh, wait. No they don’t.

  • Not bad–could have been worse. Believe it or not, Mizzou is a very traditional school, but they realize that they have to appeal to the 17-18yo male demographic in order to recruit on par with the UGAs and USCs of the SEC East

  • Badass! I loved seeing them at the spring game. I can’t wait for my Tigers to surprise everyone in the SEC. MIZ-ZOU!!!

  • I give these uniforms an A minus. The all black uniform is state of the art cool until you have to play on a hot Saturday afternoon. The oval on the helmet is the best in football, but the two one color tiger on the helmet is just confusing to the eye. Go ahead and add the gold pants to the gold top jersey The black shoulder pad covers look old and worn out and like the uniform has been patched, ditch this uniform. To the fashion police who commented here: get a life of your own, either you like your teams uniforms or you don’t, it’s just plain weird to care one way or the other what the other team is wearing.