Photos: New South Carolina “Battle” Uniforms for LSU Game


The South Carolina Gamecocks will enter Death Valley in Baton Rouge, LA on Saturday rocking some new uniforms. Under Armour specially designed the Gamecocks new “Battle” uniforms for Saturday’s top-10 match-up. In the past, the alternate uniforms haven’t exactly worked in Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks favor. Here are photos of last year’s Wounded Warrior uniforms.

Photos of the new uniforms:

New South Carolina Gamecocks Football Battle Uniforms

South Carolina Football Under Armour Battle Uniforms

New 2012 South Carolina Gamecocsk Football Uniform

New Under Armour Uniforms South Carolina LSU

South Carolina Gamecocks Football Uniforms LSU Game

South Carolina Football Uniforms Under Armour Battle



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  • Should have saved these bad boys for the Gators. What a showdown it will be.

  • Not a fan of the camo pants. I personally thought last years uniforms were better.

  • These are almost as good as last year’s uniforms that we were unable to wear.

  • As a Tennessee fan, I know a cool pair of pants when I see them.. and those, my friend, are some pretty cool pants.

  • Love the gray jersey tops but the pants are a little over the top. Spurrier has came out and sais he prefers to wear traditional uniforms, but it is in their under armour contract to wear something special one game a year. The university means no disrespect to any active military or veterans from the use of digital camo. Nobody means to trivialize the terrors of war by comparing them to a football game.

  • Under Armour is K-mart. South Carolina is K-mart. Flag waving, bible thumping goofballs. Just… gross. If you can’t get a Nike deal, just don’t play sports. Also Spurrier looks like that Lady Fairchild puppet from Mr Rogers.