Nick Saban’s Recruiting Tactics

Nick Saban with 2012 Alabama Commit Cyrus Jones

Nick Saban with 2012 Alabama Commit Cyrus Jones

Last week was very active for the early stages of the 2013 recruiting class. On Saturday,t here were 19 commitments and it’s easy to see which schools are carrying momentum into the future of their football programs. Last week also gave us a glimpse into some of the tactics Nick Saban uses to let recruits know he wants them at Alabama.


There is a junior in high school named Alvin Kamara from Norcross, GA who rushed for over 1,500 yards last season and is an Alabama recruiting target. Nick Saban wants him at Alabama and to communicate that to him, he mailed 105 letters in one day…

“There were 105 letters from Alabama,” Kamara told


“I counted!” Kamara said. “And I took pictures. I was shocked. I didn’t expect there to be that many in the mailbox. When I opened it, it was overflowing and some of them fell out.”

Kamara said he’s keeping all 105 of them in one shoebox.

And while he says hasn’t read them all – there were simply too many of them – he thinks he already knows the meaning behind the Tide’s mass mailing.

“It’s because they want me,” Kamara said.

Here’s a photo of some of Alvin’s letters:

Alvin Kamara 105 Alabama Football Recruiting Letters


With today’s social media, we were able to see another glimpse into the ways that Nick Saban impresses high school football players. A defensive tackle recruit named DeMarcus Walker from Jacksonville, FL made a visit to Tuscaloosa this weekend with a few other recruits. He had the opportunity to play with the Crystal Ball and do plenty of other things as noted by his twitter account:

DeMarcus Walker Alabama Football Recruit Crystal Ball

DeMarcus Walker Alabama Football Recruit Twitter Updates

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