Video: Watch Nick Saban go off on media members after practice




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  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the Devil himself.

  • This is amazing. It fired me up. I love it.

  • go getem nick, the ART of true journalism is not being practiced.

  • This is great and shows true respect and humility for the other teams and their players. I wish there were more SEC fans that would follow suit, referring to the overall trash talking of Texas A & M and Missouri. They might not be favored to win much in the SEC right now, but what are you going to say if they beat your team or make it a close call for you? These players work their hearts out, that is what makes NCAA football so much better to watch than NFL. They are still playing for the sport and not completely all about the money.

    • For the record I am a Florida fan and an SEC fan.

    • I agree. Click on your profile and set your favorite team to Florida so that it appears next to your comments.

    • Believe it or not, most Ags are a respectful friendly bunch. I’m convinced this billboard posted at UF is not an officially endorsed message from A&M. A&M would never use the words “Aggie Nation” in any signage. Some fans would. At any rate, if you ever make it down to College Station for a game, you’ll see what I’m talking about it being a respectful and friendly to our visitors. Can’t wait until our first game this Saturday!

  • as a rabid LSU fan I must say I respect the hell out of Saban for this by standing up to the retard media and the crap they pull week in and week out. The media make me sick with their assumptions and forecasts. I applaud him for telling em basically to shut the f@ck up and let the kids dictate the outcome

  • It’s Mr. Woodcock!! i never saw or heard the resemblance until now! lol

  • If Saban or any other coach in the SEC doesn’t do their job, the media often doesn’t just report that fact, they go beyond and criticize the coach. When the media doesn’t do their job, someone needs to hold them accountable.

    Also, we have all heard that Saban often does this to send a message to his team and/or coaches. My guess is Monday’s practice wasn’t good because the players were starting to get a little full of themselves after reading how great and wonderful they are.

  • Vol fan here…I think he is spot-on. Dealing with the psyche of 18 – 22 year old kids is a balancing act of building confidence with humility. It’s called sportsmanship.

  • Nick is great— he is a tough coach, and works his — off every week all year long, The one thing he will not put up with is trash talk by anyone. I believe this shows great class. He wants his players to focus on the game at hand, and it would be good if the fans and media would do the same. Go get em coach!!!! We the fans love you.

  • Screw ’em Nick. Slap ’em in their punk a** mouth. Some of these reporters cant write for a high school paper. Just put your info on TideTV and let us in the BamaNation know what you want us to know and we will be just fine.
    As for you Bama haters, I guess if I were you I wouldnt like us either if your SEC team had to set in the back seat as well. So all I can say is be a Bama fan or take up another hobby.
    So, Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer, give ’em Hell Alabama. Im sure you heard this song at the end of your games. If not, YouTube it.

  • I actually thought it was pretty classy and I’m a hog fan. A lot of the media are sensationalist hacks. The only thing they enjoy more than building someone up is tearing them down. I wouldn’t even call that going off…I’ve seen Nick go off…that wasn’t even close.

  • Its very refreshing to see Coach tell them exactly what he feels on the subject (although, he did censor himself). The media quacks just dont know the definition of “good sportsmanship”. They would rather write about how great our Bama team is and how bad Western Kentucky is. Give them the proper respect!!

  • Ladies & Gentlemen, the BEST coach in college football!!! Way to tell em Nick, not many coaches have the balls to do it!!! RTR!!!

  • You have to like Nick Saban for calling the media out on their prediction mania