Photos: All-SEC Tattoos

At SDS, we love SEC football fans. We enjoy seeing the passion our fans have for their favorite teams in the Southeastern Conference and even their pride in the conference as a whole. We even get a good laugh when fans cross the line and take their passion a little too far. While their are many ways fans decide to show their team pride, few ways are as bold as permanent ink. We’ve showed examples in the past and here are some links to previous tattoos showing SEC pride:

We asked the other day for fans to send us photos if they had a tattoo supporting their favorite SEC team or if they had any friends with tattoos. The response was overwhelming. We took our favorite submissions and here is what we call the 2012 Preseason All-SEC Tattoo Team:

Arkansas Razorbacks Football Tattoo

LSU Football Tattoo Mike the Tiger

Bama Football Tattoo Bear Bryant Hat

Alabama Football Tattoo Working Out

Roll Tide Back Tattoo Alabama Football

Auburn Football War Eagle Tattoo

Tennessee Vols Tattoo with Flag

Florida Gators Foot Tattoo with Flowers

Kentucky State UK Football Tattoo

Ole Miss Rebels Football Tattoo

Arkansas Razorbacks Big A Tattoo

Roll Tide Tattoo Alabama Football Game

Roll Tide Alabama Football Tattoo Mask

South Carolina Gamecocks Football Tattoo

South Carolina Gamecock Girl Tattoo

UGA Football Heart Tattoo

Florida Gators Football Sleeve Tattoo

Mississippi State University Football  MSU Tattoo

Mizzou Tigers Football Tattoo

University of Kentucky Tattoo on Fan

Arkansas Hogs Football Tattoo

Mississippi State Bulldogs Football Tattoo

Tennessee Vols General Robert Neyland Tattoo

UGA Bulldogs Football Tattoo University of Georgia

Arkansas Razorbacks WooPigSooie Back Tattoo

Alabama Football Tattoo on Ribs

Georgia South Carolina Football Tattoo

The SEC teams that did not have a fan making the 2012 Preseason All-SEC Tattoos include Vanderbilt and Texas A&M. Arkansas and Alabama were the most represented teams on this Preseason All-SEC list. In the comments, I’ll link to some honorable mentions, or Second Team All-SEC Tattoos, if you will. Now, let’s hear your thoughts on these photos.

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