Recapping SEC week 6 in 60 seconds


Here’s a week six recap for all games:

Arkansas 24, Auburn 7

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  • The Hogs snapped a four-game skid with the win over Auburn, and it was John L. Smith’s first in-conference victory of the season.
  • Arkansas had the league’s worst defense, giving up over 500 yards of total offense and over 40 points. They held Auburn to 321 yards and only seven points. Does that say more about Arkansas or Auburn?
  • Arkansas’ defense had only forced two turnovers all year long, and they forced five against the Tigers. All were huge takeaways and something to build upon for the future.
  • RB Dennis Johnson was the player of the game, and he handled the majority of the carries after Knile Davis was benched. Johnson rushed for 76 yards and two touchdowns.
  • The play of the game was a reverse pass from wide receiver Brandon Mitchell to Javontee Herndon for 26 yards. It stretched the lead to 17-7 and put the Hogs up for good.
  • Auburn benched starter Kiehl Frazier in lieu of backup Clint Moseley for the second half, but to no avail. Both QBs combined for 22 of 35 for 281 yards and one touchdown with three INTs.
  • AU WR Emory Blake caught 10 passes for 118 yards and one touchdown.
  • Biggest Takeaway: Arkansas gets on the board in conference, and the defense played much, much better. The Hogs still have a bowl game in their sights and host Kentucky next week, in what will be another likely win. On the other hand, Auburn is just struggling mightily on offense, and looking ahead on the schedule is somewhat daunting. You can only pencil in two games as probable wins going forward in New Mexico State and Alabama A&M.  Gene Chizik could realistically start to really feel the heat this week and finish with a 3-9 record.

#20 Mississippi State 27, Kentucky 14

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  • MSU is 5-0 for the first time since 1999 with the win over the Wildcats.
  • QB Tyler Russell shined and threw for 269 yards and two touchdowns on the day. He was crisp in the passing game and reminds me of Alex Smith the way he moves around the pocket.
  • WR Chad Bumphis has developed into Russell’s primary target, and he caught nine passes for 104 yards and one touchdown.
  • MSU RB LaDarius Perkins carried 25 times for 110 yards and one touchdown.
  • Kentucky burned the redshirt of freshman QB Patrick Towles, and he led the Cats on a touchdown drive his very first series but was injured before halftime and never returned.
  • MSU dominated the time of possession 35:59 to 24:01
  • The Bulldogs were +13 in turnover margin but committed two turnovers and didn’t get any takeaways on defense. They will fall to +11 in TO margin.
  • Biggest Takeaway:  Mississippi State took care of business on the road and stayed unbeaten.  They host Tennessee next week in Starkville, and we’ll know whether the Bulldogs are for real, because the Vols will give MSU all they want in a must-win game for Derek Dooley.

#10 Florida 14, #4 LSU 6

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  • Florida proves the East is stronger than the West with their takedown of LSU.
  • The Gators really beat the Tigers at their own game by playing physical defensive football, a power running game and a conservative offensive game plan.
  • Florida RB Mike Gillislee was the player of the game, as he had 34 carries for 146 yards and two touchdowns. Both came in the second half, and he was just a monster workhorse down the stretch.
  • LSU led at halftime 6-0, coming on the wings of two Florida first-half turnovers.
  • However, much like all year, the Gators outscored the Tigers 14-0 in the second half. Florida has now outscored their opponents 78-13 in the second half.
  • Florida is the only team in the country that hasn’t given up a fourth-quarter point.
  • LSU QB Zach Mettenberger struggled all day to get any kind of rhythm throwing the ball and finished with 158 yards and one INT. Florida sent multiple blitz packages and got to him several times.
  • The play of the game was Matt Elam’s strip of Odell Beckham after a 56-yard pass completion. At that point Florida was up 7-6, and they drove it down the field for another score to make it 14-6 on 11 consecutive running plays.
  • Florida physically wore down the LSU defense in the second half.
  • Will Muschamp has his young club believing in the toughness he’s selling.
  • Biggest Takeaway: The Gators undeniably proved they are back and are a force to be reckoned with. This team now has an identity of toughness, something Mushcamp vowed to change when he accepted the job. LSU’s loss also shows just how hard it is to stay on top in the SEC and accomplish what the Tigers did a year ago. It makes what Nick Saban is doing at Alabama seem mind blowing.

Vanderbilt 19, Missouri 15

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  • The Commodores are the first to get an SEC win between the two programs in ‘12.
  • Missouri is still searching for their first-ever SEC win.
  • Two plays that really stood out for Missouri were a botched extra-point snap and a bobbled punt that led to a safety.
  • This game was a battle of field position, and Vanderbilt punter Richard Kent and kicker Carey Spear had huge games.
  • Vanderbilt mixed up the offense and ran several trick plays and Wildcat plays to move the football.
  • Missouri went up 6-0 and kept Vanderbilt from even getting a first down until nine minutes in the second quarter.
  • Mizzou starting QB James Franklin injured his MCL on a first-quarter run and the Tigers never could get any offense going. He could be out a few weeks.
  • Backup Corbin Berkstresser was just 9 of 30 for 189 yards and one touchdown.
  • Commodores RB Zac Stacy finished with 92 rushing yards and two touchdowns. We knew he was a big key in this football game.
  • Biggest Takeaway: Vanderbilt finally gets on the board with an SEC win, as they get ready to host Florida next week at home. Missouri is beat up with injuries and clearly struggling with a tough SEC schedule. Kentucky should be the only game ahead on the schedule the Tigers will be favored moving forward. It will be a tough march for both teams to become bowl eligible.

Texas A&M 30, Ole Miss 27

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  • The Aggies had to rally late, but they pulled out the win on the road against a much-improved Ole Miss team, scoring two touchdowns in the final seven minutes.
  • Texas A&M turned it over six times and still eeked out the win.
  • Johnny Manziel finished with 191 yards passing and one touchdown, while rushing for 129 yards and one touchdown.
  • Texas A&M rushed for 290 yards.
  • Ole Miss went for it on fourth down in their own territory leading late in the fourth quarter, and the Aggies got a stop and turned the short field into a touchdown. That was the key play of the game.
  • Rebels’ QB Bo Wallace finished with 305 yards and one touchdown through the air.
  • Ole Miss had a shot to tie the game but Wallace’s pass was intercepted to end the threat.
  • RB Jeff Scott finished with 108 yards rushing and one touchdown.
  • Biggest Takeaway: Texas A&M team is improving each and every week as a team, as is QB Johnny Manziel. Down late in the game, the Aggies never panicked and ultimately pulled out the victory in the fourth quarter. Ole Miss should have won this game and let it slip away. The fourth down call was controversial, and the Rebels should have punted it away and made the Aggies drive the length of the field.  Ole Miss is improving, but this is a game the Rebels should have won. However, it’s still likely the Rebels get six wins and a bowl berth.

#6 South Carolina 35, #5 Georgia 7

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  • Georgia ran into a buzz saw in Columbia, and the Gamecocks were in complete control starting from the opening possession…just like you draw it up.
  • Carolina went up 21-0 midway through the first quarter on Ace Sanders’ 70-yard punt return.
  • Connor Shaw improves to 13-1 as a starter, and it’s time to start taking him seriously. (I’m talking to myself!)
  • The story of this game is really about South Carolina’s defense. Georgia had no shot all night to get Aaron Murray comfortable in the pocket or even buy any time for him to get the ball to his receivers.  Jadeveon Clowney was a monster for the Gamecocks off the edge the entire night.
  • Georgia was hit in the backfield on 10 of its 36 runs Saturday, including 7-of-17 in the first half.
  • Shaw finished 6 of 10 for 162 yards and two touchdowns.
  • Marcus Lattimore carried 24 times for 109 yards and one touchdown.
  • The Bulldogs’ two freshmen RBs finished a combined 76 yards and no touchdowns.
  • Aaron Murray finished 11 of 31 for 109 yards and one INT.
  • Georgia was arguably the best offense in the country entering this game, but they were completely dominated and taken out of their game.
  • Biggest Takeaway: South Carolina has to be the favorites in the East right now, even with Florida’s win over LSU, and they were in complete control of this football game from the get-go. Kudos to Steve Spurrier for building a force to be reckoned with in Columbia. On the other hand, Georgia just looked uninspired, and the offense was totally a non-factor the entire game. It was simply amazing to watch Carolina’s defense dominate the Bulldogs.



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  • The Swamp was rowdy on Saturday night. Florida’s defense is looking better than ever. They were chomping at the bit to get back out on the field after every offensive series. When the offense put them in a bad spot it was like they were happy to have the opportunity to make big stop. Now is not the time to overlook Vandy, after they attained their first conference win of the year, however, the South Carolina game in Gainesville is shaping up to be a dandy. I feel that Florida’s defense will stop Lattimore and SC’s rushing attack and the crowd at Ben Hill Griffin stadium will be amped. I am curious to see which network will get that game. The Alabama vs LSU matchup now looks less intriguing so maybe cbs gets the SC vs UF game at 8pm? Can’t wait.

    • At the rate our defenses are playing its looking like it’ll be a huge 9-6 game without a touchdown. Both defenses are just playing out of their mi ds right now!

      • The UF/SC game should be good. One way or another, the SEC championship game should be EPIC! It may be the first real test for Bama (since LSU just isn’t living up to expectations).

  • Kudos to South Carolina for absolutely dismantling the UGA Offensive Machine. Was a tough game to watch and I did not like the play calls from the coaches or the effort put in by the team. I honestly didn’t know that it was going to be this bad and I assumed it was going to be alot closer of a game. I assume there will be plenty of people looking for Richt’s head after this but I am not going to jump on that bandwagon until the season is over with. They have a stellar group of athletes in athens and they still have plenty of time to put together a great season.

  • The Florida game was interesting. Their D looks legit. When Florida ran the ball down LSUs throat and scored, it makes the defense come back out even stronger.
    South Carolina was really good. They had a great game plan and executed perfectly. If Georgia came out flat an they did, the South Carolina team was gonna come out firing. It was ugly.

  • Where’s the kid with all the Georgia stats? I want all of them from this game.

  • South Carolina Fans: Congratulations.

    Now that that is over with, it isn’t like Murray was hammered all night. South Carolina got two sacks. He was hurried a little bit more but not to the extent people are making it out to be. Murray from the beginning of the game wasn’t there (the ref during the coin toss had to ask him four times if he wished to receive).

    Then Mike Bobo (who for the past 6 years I have said should got back to just a QB coach) though its 3rd and 17? Lets run up the middle or try a bubble screen. That didn’t work? Well lets do again the next drive and hope for the best. Or hey lets use the smallest, worst between the tackles we have…and run him up the middle. #bobologic. Fire the man already.

    Oh well…life will go on.

  • LSU is only half a team right now. Every team usually has one sloppy game where they commit stupid penalties and make critical turnovers, which is something you can fix in practice. But after 3 straight games of sloppy play, it becomes apparent that it’s not something that can be easily fixed in practice.

    Hopefully this loss wakes up the Tigers offense and they realize you can’t beat good teams with bad play.


    LSU! We come for you in your house, this weekend. Be prepared.

    Georiga, enjoy this clip, (Skip to 5:23) see you boys next year!


  • I’ve been reading SDS now for about a year…listening to all of the chatter and not saying a word. As a life long Gamecock most of my life has been spent in disappointment concerning our sports programs. Not having a “history” that so many other teams and their fans could always fall back on to talk the talk. Especially hard to swallow has been the Clemson and Georgia fans. I read this entire week the GA fans blowing up on how good they were and what Ga would do. One season history does not make. Three years does….and while this season is not over yet and losses could be in our future, one thing has been settled. USC has history over GA…the most important kind….recent and we officially own the Georgia Bulldogs. We have passed them in the SEC East…in the most important way, head to head and on the field. No stats, no woulda coulda shoulda. We own GA…one more win and we own Fla and TN…we are about to shock the world.

    • To some degree I agree with you, but until the streak is longer than the 5 year streak UGA put on S.Car from 02-07 I do not think you “own” us or anyone else for that matter. I chose to respond to you because I feel like we think on the same level and are rational football fans, not like our peers who simply say OMG MY TEAM IS THE BEST WOOO SCREW EVERYONE ELSE. I do tip my hat to Spurrier because he has clearly turned the ball club around for the better and S.Car is well on its way to being a real power in the SEC. I would honestly rather see them go to the SECCG and beat Alabama than for UGA to get in it by virtue of S.Car losing a couple ball games.

      • Civilized discourse, I love it. Great banter.

      • I appreciate that comment BuckVincent…I would feel the same way if the situation was reversed.

        • Not sure if the guy above you was being sarcastic or not, but regardless. No problem. Everyone has to defend their team and as I said. You were intelligent about it so I chose to respond. Its just my perception and Im glad you didnt take any great offense to it. If S.Car were to beat us like that for a couple more years down the road then yea… Id probably say you own us lol. Good luck to you guys! I dont think he is a starter but I actually went to highschool with Kyle Harris who is an offensive lineman for you guys. So I do have a little reason to pull for you guys.

    • You do not own UGA. You still have a losing record against the Dawgs. An overwhelming one in fact. 46-17-2. Of which the Dawgs have two separate 10 win streaks.

      Furthermore you haven’t passed them in the East. The Dawgs have 5 national titles, 12 conference titles, and 6 division titles. This is to the Cocks 0 national titles, 0 conference titles (1 with the ACC), and 1 division title. The Dawgs have a 26-16-3 postseason bowl record to the 5-12 one the Cocks sport.
      So look, you don’t own us. That would imply that you have a winning record at Sanford, like we have at Williams-Brice.

      • Perception is reality and if you talk to most sports fans and college football fans they consider Notre Dame to be losers the past ten years even though they have NCs and winning records against a large portion of their “history”. When you talk to sports fans and college football fans today and tomorrow and months and at least a couple of years to come….USC owns GA.

        • No. I am not mad. But saying you own UGA would be like Stanford saying they own USC, even though the past clearly shows that it is the opposite.
          And no. I would hope the average college football fan realizes that the Irish are still a great team. Considering that they have reached 8 wins the past two season (which included a bowl) win, with some of the hardest schedules in FBS football do to the fact they refuse to play FCS teams. They also have hit between 2000-2006 they won 9+ games 4 times.

      • Here is another stat, South Carolina has a current 12 game win streak against any team from the SEC East. So they currently own the division. (Not counting out that Florida is currently rolling and will put up a great game to possibly break that streak.) Also South Carolina currently has the longest winning streak in the FBS. recent history = all that matters. USC > UGA.

    • I like Spurrier, I like Georgia and SC, they are about the only teams I can stand in the East. It’s great to see them finally succeed at a high level and execute the way they have been. I knew they’d be good before the season started, I didn’t know they’d be this good. Can’t wait to see that Bama – SC conference championship game!

  • Well…Stanford does own Southern Cal lately. The past being relative to the latest several
    years. But its the lately that counts. The average fan would say Notre Dame is having a good year this year whereas the past ten years have been a huge disappointment…..lately Notre Dame has not been a good team compared to their high expectations…just ask a Notre Dame fan. Lately USC owns GA…but don’t worry. In about three weeks you will have some company…we will own Fla. and Tn too.

    • If Stanford built a 35 point lead on Southern Cal and held their offense to 149 yards thru the first 50 minutes of the game, I’d say they own them. Reality is just so hard for some folks to wrap their heads around, so they open up their history books and tell us about the good old days when they owned us. Predictable.

      • So building a certain lead in points and production of your offense and defense counts more than just the win….okay….with that logic The USC owns Ga. I like your formula for owning someone better than mine. Whatever happens if we win 3 years in a row against Ga. Fla. and Tn The USC will own the east… be the man you have to beat the man…we become the man. I care about owning my division…everything else takes care of itself on the national scene. Lots of chatter about SECCG….national stuff. I will talk again at the end of the month…Ga is now old news. We have bigger fish to fry.

  • Old stats are great to look at, but you don’t want to live in the past and use that as a defense because then you might as well be a clemson fan… and no one really wants to be a clemson fan.

    • How many Clemson fans does it take to change a light bulb? Three. Two to change it and
      one to tell you how great the old one was they put in back in 1980.

  • I have NEVER seen sooooo many cock lovers on here as I do now. Figures. We got beat. No excuses. They are better than us. But I won’t be one that jumps onto their wagon…