Auburn commit LB Reuben Foster to meet with AHSAA, not NCAA


The top linebacker in the country for 2013 Reuben Foster will meet with NCAA investigators about his commitment to Auburn.

If you’ll remember, Foster flipped from Alabama to Auburn in a weird twist of events, almost jabbing the Crimson Tide in the process.

Now, the NCAA wants to make sure everything is clean with his flip.

His mom spoke to the AJC and confirmed the meeting with the NCAA.

“They [the NCAA] are talking with Reuben and me,” Anita Paige said. “They want to make sure there was nothing illegal done to get us down here, or anything like that. They want to make sure there wasn’t a college booster involved.

“No, there was not a booster involved or anybody from the college involved. There was nothing illegal.”

Foster left his high school in Georgia and enrolled at Auburn High School after his coach left.

And as you might expect, there has been some backlash over his decommitment from Bama and flip to Auburn.

“Yes, the Alabama people have said all kinds of awful things, saying he is a traitor, and that ‘You can go play with the pigs if you want.’ They told him you won’t be playing for any championships at Auburn the next four years … just a lot of mean stuff.”

He cemented his commitment to Auburn officially by getting a massive tattoo on his forearm.

Evidently, his mother said his commitment to Auburn is so strong that his entire family wants to get tattoos, too.

Updates as the story progresses: has learned the reason the investigators are questioning Foster and his mother is about the family’s move to Auburn from Georgia. Foster’s mother said she wanted to move “because it’s a better school system for academics. Reuben only has one more year of high school, but it was my baby girl (Kayla, 12 years old) who I was more worried about. I want them to get a good education.” has learned that Foster and his mother met with the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA), not the NCAA as previously reported by the AJC.

9 PM Update: The AJC contacted Foster’s mother and asked her if the meeting was between the AHSAA or the NCAA. She promptly responded, “I can’t say. I’m not allowed to comment on that.”



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  • classy, they want to get tattoos too. HA!

    • Oh yeah, NOW THAT is real class!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! It was his choice……he had the opportunity to play for THE BEST, but maybe he wasn’t going to be the “star” of the show @ Bama, so he chose “the other school”……. Too bad, he might just miss out on that CHAMPIONSHIP RING @ the end of the season! <3 ROLL TIDE ROLL <3

    • So I guess McCarron is considered unclassy because of his tattoo? Right?

  • Let me guess, they aren’t interested in investigating TJ Yeldon, though. Am I right? Leave the kids alone already!

  • So did the ncaa investigate when Yeldon decommitted and went to Alabama? Ridiculous! Also, Crimsonglory11, come on, let’s not go there about classy!

  • Mama said that they wanted to make sure there was nothing illegal done to get “US” down here…except making sure she had a job at Auburn…other than that, everything was above board. I guess the $250,000 they used to pay $Cam Newton hasn’t been paid back yet.

  • Even the NCAA knows you’d have to be a complete idiot to go to auburn or you’d have to be getting paid!

  • These ass backwards half wits. Any inbred, skoal snuffing, backwoods militia member in a Hounds tooth hat can call and report “evidence” now, I guess? And, the NCAA just lends it legitimacy by responding? Chizik and Jay Jacobs are going to have to head this nonsense off. They can’t keep taking BS bad press like this just because some gullible fool calls in some baseless(but cleverly delivered) story he read on Tiger Droppings, or wherever, by a disguised Bama fan.
    Meanwhile, Robinson over at Yahoo has a whole fat file full of legitimate, specific, definitive evidence on dozens of Bama players, yet suddenly he’s shy about blowing up a program.
    The guy could flip back tomorrow. It’s a 6 month out commitment. What moron booster hands over cash for a recruit to simply commit? How this works is that, if they had gone ahead and bought him, they’d tell him to stay low, not answer phone calls, and not give any interviews. And, they sure as HELL wouldn’t draw everyone’s attention by having him transfer to AU HS.

  • Just let the kid go where he wants and play ball, come on alabama fans, you have more class than that.

  • I think that if Reuben Foster wants to flip to auburn hey go for it!! The Alabama Crimson Tide only needs those that are going to be dedicated to their program. If he wants to go “See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!” Roll Tide Roll!!!

  • Did….the Alabama people say… That MEAN STUFF ??…really..??? arrogance @ its best

  • Did we not have girlfriends of Alabama players with jobs given to them in Saban’s office? Neat way to pay.. isn’t it? and apparently legal.

    • Really is it ever going to get old to bash each other. No one that has responded to this post in a negative way is keeping it classy. Just accept that a player chose a different for his own reasons and leave it at that.

  • “When Alabama cheats, Auburn gets investigated.”

  • For you people that are comparing this to yeldon’s situation read the friggin article again. Did yeldon transfer to a different high and decommit shortly afterwards from a team he’d been committed to for over a year? NO.

  • I’ll say it here like I always said to Reuben. Do what you gotta do, it’s your decision and nobody else can make it for you. I will have to say that some of the comments here are classic. If there isn’t anything to this, then there won’t be a problem. What are yall sweatin this for?

  • You might want to quit relying on the AJC for your info. THis isn’t the first time they didn’t get conformation for a story. In fact why would the NCAA Meet with Foster at this point, everything is verbal! Foster was meeting with Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) — not the NCAA