Reuben Foster’s Auburn tattoo will last longer than his commitment did

Reuben Foster tattoo

Stud high school linebacker committed to Auburn earlier this summer and consummated the deal with a manly forearm tattoo of the “AU” Auburn logo. Well, after a rough 2012 season, a new head coach and no Trooper Taylor, Foster has now decommitted from Auburn.

Reuben Foster tattoo

Photo Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Hopefully future recruits will learn from this..

  • Haha! Now he can go on Spike’s Tattoo Nightmares and have them hide it for him.

  • We have plenty of tattoo removal experts here in Athens, GA. I’m sure he’ll be well taken care of.

  • Good grief!! Did he get that in prison? That a horrible tattoo, and I’m not just saying it because it’s Auburn.

  • He is just saying that cause of the firing of Trooper Taylor its all emotions right now. He is still going to Auburn W.D.E.

  • It’s like he put his love for Spider-Man and “love for Auburn” into one tattoo. At least it’s not his last name in stars across his shoulders… Personally, his antics in committing to Auburn and his affinity for Trooper Taylor make me hope he chooses to not come to Athens. I’d rather not pick up any (more?) fools — no matter how good they are.

  • Doesn’t look that bad, and I have seen so much worse tattoos, but jocks are jocks. Hopefully when his “stupid” tattoo comes off (it is not permanent forever), he will have graduated from college with a great scholarship, well best of luck to him. When I was in high school, most of the football players were friends with me, and I always had a thing for tattoos. I am not too particularly fond of ink tattoos, though I always wanted a great dragon tattoo, but I have seen some awesome ones, and not everyone who has one is a punk or a jock, there have been people I have met who have tattoos and are quite successful. I do think it is somewhat of a dumb idea to get a tattoo for a school you end up not even going to, and I was told he was not exactly honest why he got a tattoo, but considering how tall he is and how strong he is, I bet he is a damn good football player.