SEC has six teams in top 10 of new BCS rankings


This weekend was a blast for the SEC.  Florida and Georgia both thumped teams that will play in the ACC Championship this week – Florida State and Georgia Tech. Even though Notre Dame beat USC, thus preventing an all-SEC national championship once again, it rejuvenates college football. The one-loss SEC Champion will indeed play for it all in Miami against the Fighting Irish.

New BCS Rankings

1) Notre Dame
2) Alabama
3) Georgia
4) Florida

5) Oregon
6) Kansas State
7) LSU
8) Stanford
9) Texas A&M
10) South Carolina
11) Oklahoma
12) Nebraska
13) Florida State
14) Clemson
15) Oregon State
16) UCLA
17) Kent State
18) Texas
19) Michigan
20) Boise State
21) Northern Illinois
22) Northwestern
23) Oklahoma State
24) Utah State
25) San Jose State



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  • And it shall be the Dawgs! (Hopefully)

  • Bama’s lucky they didn’t play UGA, UF or USCe during the regular season….easiest schedule in the SEC by far.

    • LOL, lucky they didn’t play UGA, Florida, or USC? I think you’ve got that pretty damn backward. the last 3 times they’ve played Alabama has stomped the hell out of Florida. Georgia has dodged the bullet three seasons in a row since your infamous “Blackout” game, and USC beat us in 2010 to avenge two complete ass kickings.
      Alabama beat a ranked Michigan first game of the season (while Georgia played who, Buffalo? That perennial football powerhouse?”
      Alabama went on the road and ended LSU’s 22 game home winning streak. Georgia went on the road and got trounced 35-7 by South Carolina.

      So, again, your argument is just laughable.

      • What did that “perennial football powerhouse” in Michigan do this season? Not saying Buffalo was better…but it isn’t like Michigan would have been much a challenge.
        Georgia and Alabama both had extremely easy schedules. Neither’s was much harder or more difficult than the others. In fact they literally played five of the same opponents (UT, Ole Miss, Auburn, Mizzou, and Florida Atlantic). After that Georgia had Buffalo, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, GA Southern, and GA Tech. Alabama had Michigan, Western Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi State, LSU, TAMU, and Western Carolina. As you can see we had pretty much the same easy schedule. Alabama didn’t play any of the four best SEC East teams and Georgia didn’t play any of the four best SEC West teams.

  • Whatever happens this Saturday Dawg fans, please stay safe and don’t pass out. The last thing you want is an Alabama hick teabagging you, like the example below. Stay calm and sic’em. Go Dawgs!

  • BCS is saturated with SEC rankings. What a beautiful thing to see and a nightmare to everyone else. After SC and FL took care of Clemson and FSU, there is NO argument against so many top teams from the conference.