SEC Championship week bowl projections


With week 13 in the books – and what an amazing weekend it was altogether – Alabama and Georgia will go to war Saturday in Atlanta for the chance to win the SEC Championship and pencil their name in as the team to take on Notre Dame in the national championship in Miami.

Check out the week 13 recap action and the week 14 BCS rankings.

BCS National Championship Game: Alabama vs. Notre Dame
All-State Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Oklahoma
Capital One Bowl: Georgia vs. Michigan
Outback Bowl: South Carolina vs. Northwestern
AT&T Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Texas
Chick-fil-A Bowl: LSU vs. Clemson
Gator Bowl: Vanderbilt vs. Wisconsin
Music City Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Bowling Green
BBVA Compass Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Louisiana-Monroe

At this point in the season and what we’ve seen from each team, the SEC Championship game could go either way. Either team can win it, and either team will beat Notre Dame in the national championship. I actually think Georgia matches up better than Alabama against Notre Dame.

Florida could play Oklahoma, Rutgers, Louisville or Kent State in the Sugar Bowl. We’ll see how things shake out this weekend, as all three teams play games.

For fans wondering why Florida gets the second BCS berth and not the loser of the SECCG, we expect Florida to be at #3 in the BCS rankings after this week. The #3 team in the BCS is automatically qualified into the BCS meaning the Sugar Bowl can’t take another SEC team if Florida is #3. This rule is known as the “Kansas State Rule” after Kansas State finished with one-loss in 1998, finished 3rd in the rankings and was passed over by the BCS bowls (they went to the Alamo Bowl).

Clemson looks like its bound for the Chick-fil-A Bowl, and they will not put South Carolina in a rematch against Clemson. Therefore, LSU is the likely team to get the opportunity to drub another ACC team.

Looking at those matchups, it’s hard not to project a clean sweep for the SEC in bowl games. That would be fantastic.

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  • And here I thought we finally would accept that Alabama has been overrated, has had just as easy a schedule, and (just like Georgia) has beat up on easy teams. No? To bad.

    • If Alabama is overrated what does that make Georgia? You are the most unrealistic person on this entire site.

      • Are you ignorant? Bama has played 2 decent teams which are LSU and Texas A&M. They both ran all over Bama. AJ Mcaaron just decided to have a Heisman moment last min of LSU game. Mississippi State is not that great. Michigan is not that great. Alabama is the 4th most overrated team behind Ohio State, Notre Dame, Oregon and then Bama. (in order) You can pick whatever team you want that Bama had an off game against but look at where those 2 teams stand now. LSU ran OVER 400 YARDS ON THE ALABAMA DEFFENSE. Florida held them to less than 150. Florida choked against Georgia offensively (mainly turnovers) or they would be Number 1. Georgia should be sitting at 3, Florida 1, Kansas State 2, Then Bama. Blueprint is laid out for Alabama. Stop the run AJ Mcaaron plays bad. Just like in LSU and Texas A&M. Difference of those 2 games LSU played Horrible Defense when AJ decided to step up last min of game.

        • You’re right. They played TWO bad games and won one of them, losing the other in the final minute. So overrated. And with your foolproof gameplan I’m surprised you aren’t a Defensive Coordinator yet. I mean, you made beating Alabama so simple! Men who get paid millions can’t do it and you, some regular Joe, can! Get an agent, I feel like many schools will be blowing up your phone soon!

        • How can anyone think Bama is that much better based on this year? Blah Blah Blah 2 championships in 3 years. Ok Great. Well they have played 2 good teams this year. LSU and A and M. They barely beat LSU and lost to A and M. Georgia got hammered by South Caroline (at S.C) and beat Florida pretty decisively (the score made it look closer). How is Bama that much better. Don’t get it

  • Florida should be sitting with a goose egg in the L column. Credit UGA for beating Florida, but it would be different next time around. That’s why I was hoping for a ND loss. FL-GA rematch in Miami would have been perfect redemption.

  • I think its mighty presumptuous of you to assume Alabama will beat Georgia in the SEC CG. If both teams bring their best, Georgia will beat Bama, hands down. UGA has the better offense and a better defense than Alabama.

  • Why would Ole Miss go to the Compass Bowl instead of the Liberty Bowl?

    • well there are 9 eligible sec teams and ole miss is 9……9 goes to compass 7/8 are disputed with music city n liberty……ole miss gets the bump up to number 8 since our number 1 will be national championship……. 6 vandy, 7 state, 8 ole miss…….6 would go to gator……but i more likely see vandy in music city being nashville, state at gator, ole miss at liberty but some reports say compass is higher bowl this year over liberty since they did not get sec bid last year

    • Ole Miss took Mississippi State place in the bowl since they beat them. So Miss State dropped under ole miss

  • @ MadGators – Yes, Florida WOULD be sitting pretty with a goose egg in the loss coloum had they not LOST to UGA……

    I love how Gator fans call it good defense when the Dawgs hand over a game to them with turn overs but when the shoe is on the other foot, it is just poor play that cost the Gators the win.

    That same rationale could apply to the Gators win over USCe. With all those TO’s inside the 5yd line who knows how that game turns out. The Dawgs beat the Gators on the field. ‘Nuff said.

  • We would KILL Northwestern and LSU would KILL Clemson. I kinda like this; it kinda sucks that our conference is so great that some of the best teams in the nation have to get passed down to lesser bowls.

  • The only game I see being a loss here is Vanderbilt but that will be a close game. Florida showed better Offense against FSU despite penalties. Notre Dame is Overrated to hell and back. Michigan is not that great. North Western will be around a 14 point game but i see SC winning. Texas A&M will slaughter Texas. LSU vs Clemson will be a close low scoring game. They will win if they learn how to pass and catch like against Bama. (LSU Best game of the year offensively) Miss state vs bowling green is enough said. Ole Miss and LA Monroe will be a shoot-out. Ole Miss will win unless they choke again.

  • The real question is if these bowl projections are true, which bowl game is a better bowl game, Chick-fil-a or Capital One? I personally would hate to see LSU go to a better bowl game than Georgia, they do not deserve it.

  • @Dawgman, the score made the Florida/UGA game look closer? Idiot, is that why UGA scored in the final 5 minutes to pull way it? Remember it was 10-9 until the last few moments, then Florida win a 70+ yard drive that should have ended in a score if Jordan Reed hadn’t tried to take more than what he got (which was a first and goal). Jarvis Jones, and Florida’s offense won you that game.