How awesome was Clemson getting run off the field by West Virginia a couple of nights ago 70-33 in the Orange Bowl? I thought the ‘Eers would have 100 on them at the start of the second half. It was like Dana Holgerson was toying with Dabo and his Clemson crew.

So, in light of how terrible Clemson was, let’s take a moment and realize just how terrible the ACC has been in BCS bowl games, shall we?

The ACC is 2-13 in BCS bowl games, staring way back in 1998 upon inception. The only two winning years were in 1999 and in 2008. Besides those two years, they have been downright terrible overall, with a winning percentage slightly over 13 percent.

On the contrary, yours truly, the SEC, is 16-7 all time in BCS bowl games, with a combined winning percentage of 70 percent.

I mean, the Big East is even 7-7 (.500) over their history in the BCS.

The Big Ten, on the contrary, is 12-13 (.480) in BCS bowls since 1998. However, this year, they were 4-6 (.400) overall. The winners were Purdue (over W. Michigan), Illinois (over UCLA), Michigan State (over Georgia) and Michigan (over Virginia Tech). The only impressive victory was Michigan State’s victory over Georgia.

On New Year’s Day the Big Ten was more or less embarrassed. Ohio State lost to Florida, Houston mauled Penn State, South Carolina thumped Nebraska and Michigan State’s lone victory over Georgia was the only game that saved face for the Big Ten.

Michigan had a better year from a record standpoint (11-2), but they’re not a great team yet. They defeated ACC-member Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl.

So, as SEC fans, we can expect more of the same for the ACC for sure, and probably the Big Ten as well.