South Carolina reinstated two players who were suspended last month in Byron Jerideau and Brison Williams. Jerideau was suspended from the team after being arrested for traffic/pedestrian on a controlled access highway and disorderly/public disorderly conduct as well. Williams, on the other hand, was suspended for “conduct detrimental to the team” according to South Carolina. Both players will be ready for spring practice. [Post and Courier]

The Pac-12 Commissioner wants a playoff, but he only wants conference champions to be in it. I think Commissioner Scott is afraid of the big bad SEC runner up to get him in the national championship. So, if we’re looking at this past season, there would have been a No. 10 team playing in the playoff instead of the No. 2 team because Alabama did not win their division. Come on Commish, get your act together. 2004 was the last time the Pac-12 won the National Championship, and they had to give that one back. []

LSU is proceeding with current stadium expansion, according to Joe Alleva – LSU’s Athletic Director. Alleva said the plans are to enclose the south zone upper deck. These plans still have to be okayed by Board of Supervisors and Board of Regents, but things are underway. Also, new seating would add 6,940 more butts in a seat. So, now, LSU Stadium can be even louder. Is that possible? []

Two SEC recruits were labelled as “instant-impact” recruits heading into their freshman year in the SEC in Florida’s DJ Humphries and Alabama’s TJ Yeldon. While Yeldon might break into the lineup, there are doubts about Humphries. And I’m not taking away anything from DJ because he’s going to be unbelievable, but it’s terribly hard to break into the starting lineup as a freshman along the offensive line. Both are certainly talented and will have big futures. []