SDS Heisman Watch: Week 3


Week two in the SEC is officially in the books, and we look ahead to week three when the following Heisman contenders will take the field once more.

Here are the top five contenders after week two:

1. Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia (JR): I came away very impressed with Aaron Murray this week. The knock against Murray is that he hasn’t been able to win the big game. He did just that last Saturday in Columbia with a 41-20 win over Missouri. Murray threw for 242 yards and three touchdowns in the victory. Georgia has a very favorable schedule moving forward, too, and I expect more big numbers and multiple-touchdown games ahead.

2. Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee (JR): Bray has been the most impressive offensive player in the SEC through the first two weeks. He’s thrown for a total of 643 yards and six touchdowns, completing 73.8 percent of his passes and averaging 10.54 yards per attempt. But he hasn’t shown it in the SEC, yet. He gets that opportunity against Florida this weekend. A win against Florida could catapult him into the lead in the SEC on the young season.

3. Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina (JR): Lattimore took a back seat Saturday to backup quarterback Dylan Thompson’s first start and three passing touchdowns. He wasn’t needed, and everyone would rather save Lattimore until SEC play anyway. He did carry the football 13 times for 40 yards and one touchdown. Expect those numbers to rise when Connor Shaw returns to the lineup.

4. Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas (JR): Wilson left in the first half of last week’s game against ULM, and he never returned. ULM upset the Razorbacks, and Wilson wasn’t there to defend the Warhawks’ late charge. He threw for 196 yards and two touchdowns before he left. It looks like he will not play this week against Alabama, although nothing is confirmed yet.

5. Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia (JR): Yeah, I went there. I put a defensive player on the list. Jones had a monster game in Columbia, and he was as important as Aaron Murray was. Jones caused havoc all night, picking off a pass and getting multiple sacks and a forced fumble. And he did it all with an injured groin. How’s that for production? Defenders not named Charles Woodson don’t win this award, but Jones is the best defensive player in the best defensive league in the country.

Others Creepin’:
Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee (JR): Hunter is the best wide receiver in this conference, and he has the most upside as well. His athleticism and pass-catching ability takes a back seat to no one. He caught eight passes for 146 yards and three touchdowns last week, and he currently leads the SEC with 17 catches for 219 yards and three touchdowns, while averaging 12.9 yards per catch.



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  • Just wondered why the QB with the best QB rating in the SEC is not on this list! AJ McCarron has best QB rating in SEC & 3rd best in nation, & he is also on the #1 team in the nation, I just think he deserves to be on this list!! #RTR

  • O’yea, AJ also has already won a National Championship, besides his QB rating!! #RTR

  • Yes it is! Mark Ingram wasnt mentioned til wk 5 or 6, when he won it, but just thought i would throw that out there, JUST BECAUSE I AM A HUGE BAMA FAN, and I really think he is DESERVING!!! Lol #RTR

  • This list is most definitely is ridiculous. Tyler Bray has played nothing but un-ranked or low rank teams,and Tyler Wilson didn’t even play in the second half last week. And for christ sakes, Marcus Lattimore ran for 40 yards! 40 YARDS. He doesn’t even deserve any kind of recognition on this list.AJ McCarron has a higher rating then every QB on this list,hands down he should be on top.

    • Roland. The Heisman watch isn’t just what you did last week. These are the top players in the SEC. AJ McCarron will make his way on here. I would venture to say NC State’s secondary is twice as good as WKU’s and Michigan’s. Lattimore is the best RB in the SEC, and you think he shouldn’t be on this list?

  • Would all you Bama fans shut up. Did you ever stop to think why his QB rating was so good. Saban is scared to let him take deep passes. Look at Aaron Murray, almost 1/4 if not alittle more of his passes are hail marys. McCarron just does little short passes for almost guaranteed completions and then a few medium passes to keep his rating high. He didn’t win a national championship his team did. Without Richardson or the bama D last year Bama wouldn’t even have been in the NC picture, McCarron didn’t contribute barely anything. Once again, Bama has to be the best at everything right? Your fanbase is a joke.

    • not a bama fan but wtf man how often do hail marys work stop with the damn hail marys and do some screens and his rating will be better

      • I’m not disagreeing with you one bit. Bobos play calling is terrible. After his multiple calls to pass on 3rd&1 and run on 3rd&10 I figured everyone else would know that by now too. I’m just stating the fact that McCarron really doesn’t do anything or take any chances. Murray could sit back all day and do what he does and nobody would mention McCarron. Bama fans think because he’s won a NC that means he’s better than the rest. Was Georgia’s quarterback in 1980 that good? From what I’ve seen and heard he wasn’t it was mainly Walker who got them there and won it for Georgia. Just like it was Bamas defense and Richardson who got them there and won it, not McCarron. I bet almost anything he would be Murray/Bray/or Wilsons backup if he were on their teams.

        • Agreed it takes the entire team to make the show and win. It always bugs me for fans to think the QB is the only one that matters. without the O line and D line you are nothing more than a guy with a ball and no chance of winning the RBs are a big part of that as well then the receivers who make you look good

  • QB rating is ridiculous at the NFL level and it’s way worse in college. Bama fans, you have plenty to brag about without having to pull the “AJ McCarron has the best QB rating” argument. McCarron is very good as is your entire team.

  • Aaron Murray has never beaten a top 25 team!
    No way he should be first.