SDS’ 2012 SEC Predictions


The time has finally come for SDS to make some predictions on the year. It’s game week, people, and be sure to soak all of it in, because it will be gone before we know it.

Here goes:

BCS National Champion: LSU Tigers
LSU is the deepest team in the SEC, and they enter 2012 with a chip on their shoulder. Yeah, they lose Honey Badger, but they are one of the deepest rosters in the league, with tons of NFL talent. The Tigers now have a quarterback who can stretch the field, not leaving many teams the ability to load the box against the vaunted running game. The Tigers will likely play USC, Oregon or Florida State, but don’t count out Big 12 newcomer West Virginia or Oklahoma, either. The SEC will win it’s 7th in a row, and most people aren’t expecting it to happen.

SEC Champion: LSU Tigers
2012 will not be like 2011. The winner of the SEC will make it to the national championship game, and two from the SEC won’t. LSU will probably lose one game during the regular season – likely to one of Alabama or Arkansas – before marching their way to Miami to play for all the marbles.

Game of the Year: Alabama at LSU, November 3rd
Much like last year, the regular season clash between Alabama and LSU will once again be the best football game in the SEC for 2012. Both will likely be top five teams by the time sweet November rolls around. Dubbed the game of the century last season, what will it be called this season?

Most Improved Player: DE Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina
Jadeveon Clowney had a very good freshman season by anyone’s standards, but he’s looking to really improve upon last season. We know this kid has all the talent in the world, but he’s now starting to combine raw talent with technique and skill. That’s a deadly combination. 2012 will be the year of Clowney.

Breakout Player of the Year: QB Zach Mettenberger, LSU
Zach Mettenberger has all the ingredients around him to be a big-time breakout player in his first year starting. LSU has four returning starters on the offensive line, two starters returning at receiver and four running backs who could start for really any team in the SEC. This offense is talented, and the Tigers only need a quarterback who can give them balance and stretch the field. That guy is on campus, finally. Expect Mettenberger to do big things for the Tigers in 2012.

Comeback Player of the Year: RB Knile Davis, Arkansas
This came down to Marcus Lattimore and Knile Davis. If I had one player to take right now on my team, it would be Lattimore. But I think Knile Davis has the higher ceiling and is really fresh coming off last year’s missed season. He’s gotten stronger, faster and more explosive. Look for Davis to finish what he started in the latter half of 2010 and have some very explosive offensive numbers, as Tyler Wilson will help open up the running game.

Freshman of the Year: WR Dorial Green-Beckham, Missouri
Much like Mettenberger, DGB is stepping into a perfect position at Missouri. He mimics Baby Lebron in his physical stature. The best thing about a raw athletic receiver like DGB is that there are veterans around him at the same position who help relieve pressure knowing he doesn’t have to be ‘the guy’ in year one. He has an experienced quarterback who has a strong arm and is very accurate. I like DGB to be the top freshman for 2012.

Wild Card Team: Mississippi State
After a letdown in 2011, several teams in the SEC will once again take Dan Mullen and Mississippi State lightly. Road games in Starkville are always tough to play, and State hosts several big ones in Auburn, Tennessee, Texas A&M and Arkansas all at home. The Bulldogs might not be a favorite to finish in the top three in the West, but they really could surprise some people this season. This is an experienced defense, with an experienced quarterback and wide receivers. I doubt MSU will win the West, but nine wins in the regular season is not out of the question. They get to a bowl game and could get win #10.



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  • For the Wild Card, Mississippi State, you wrote that the Bulldogs might not finish top 3 in the East.

  • Happy to see DGB on this list. This suggests that there will be sufficient time for Franklin to get him the ball amidst the onslaught of SEC D-lines against a pretty young and banged-up Tiger O-line.

    • You must be a true Corn Dog. WIpe the mustard off your glasses. I believe that team has no leadership and Bama stole their soul. They are good but will stumble.

      • You folks understand…all this corndog stuff…makes you sound silly? The reference means nothing to LSU folks. As for the rest of your comment…which I find difficult to take seriously because of the silly corndog reference…you are certainly entitled to an opinion…but what can you be basing that on? And Bama didn’t steal anything.

        • In all fairness, should LSU be able to talk after only passing the 50 yard line once in their during the previous game and getting shut out? I think BidDaddyDog has the right to say anything he likes about corndogs… Don’t you?

  • What about Off and Def Players of the Year? Tyler Wilson and whats-his-face DE from LSU.

  • Bama may be the one to beat LSU..but they’re not good enough to run the rest of their schedule??? if LSU loses to Bama or Arkansas it’ll be too late in the season for them to recover..if Bama and/or Arkansas is/are not in contention for the SEC title then you’re saying they will lose at least one..and in doing so they beat LSU, then LSU will be out of contention most likely for the BCS title…

    • exactly thank you that makes no sense if they lose a game in the west they are out also how can they be sec champs if they lose to bama or Arkansas they wouldn’t go to the atl to play so this article is all backwards and makes no sense

  • how is lsu going to (possibly) lose to bama and still get to the national championshp game over Alabama?

  • I think your right on the mark LSU should take the whole tater. As far as MSU goes lets hope they can get some offense going. Last year seems they put to much faith in Relf and flopped. If and I say if they get by Auburn they should go 9-3.

  • I hate sounding like a homer…but I really think the Dawgs will when the SEC this year. For me, the schedule is really light, their hardest game is South Carolina in Columbia, when they have all of their defensive stars back from suspension and injury. I think they go 12-0 this season. Yes, I really think they beat South Carolina. Last season, they were trounced by LSU in the SEC Championship Game after a very respectable first half. Then they lost to Michigan State. Of all the top 10 teams in college, everyone is overlooking Georgia, talking about MSU, FSU, Arkansas, LSU, Alabama, USC, and everyone else. Georgia returns all of their top receivers from last season. Aaron Murray is the best QB in the SEC (sorry Tyler Wilson/Bray). The defense is physical and fast, led by Bacarri Rambo and Jarvis Jones, the best safety and linebacker in the SEC. Yes, the running back situation is a question mark, and they will probably platoon. But if you look back to and 2002 and 2005, the Bulldogs used the same method and found success, and won the SEC. So, yes, I believe the Dawgs win the SEC this year,