SDS Top 25 Players For 2012: Marcus Lattimore


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SDS is continually counting down the top 25 players in the SEC for 2012, and we’re not stopping until we get to No. 1.

Marcus Lattimore – No. 1

And, finally, unveiling the No. 1 overall player in the SEC for 2012: South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore.

Lattimore will be returning from a season-ending knee injury suffered a year ago in the Mississippi State game, in which he tore his ACL when another player inadvertently fell on Lattimore’s knee. So, there is obviously some questions as to whether he will be full strength, but I’m banking on him being full-go come fall.

And while some of you may have some beef with this selection, Lattimore has arguably been the best running back the last two years in a man’s league. His numbers and work-horse mentality prove he’s worthy of the argument and debate.

Marcus Lattimore, the running back, is a special, special player. He’s more of a throwback player, much like Trent Richardson. He is a complete back in this league, and his impact will be shown in all three phases of the game: rushing, blocking and receiving. Many running backs can can do one thing well, but it’s hard to find one to do all three well. He does that.

His freshman year in 2010, he took everyone by storm. How could a freshman come into this league and run through tacklers at will? During his freshman campaign, he carried 249 times for 1,197 yards and 17 touchdowns.

But his game doesn’t end there.

Lattimore is also a big-time receiving threat out of the backfield, as he caught 29 passes for 412 yards and two touchdowns in 2010 as well.

Obviously, in 2011, the numbers were down because of the injury; however, during the time he was healthy at the beginning of the year, he picked right up where he left off. Lattimore rushed for 818 yards on 163 carries and 10 touchdowns. He also caught 19 passes for 182 yards and one touchdown. And he only played in seven games, and only six full games. He ranked among the SEC and national leaders in rushing before the injury, and he was considered a strong candidate for the Heisman Trophy, while averaging over 23 carries per game.

I think we’ve all learned by now that Marcus Lattimore is not going to juke you in the open field, but he’ll carry it 30-plus times per game, wearing defenders down. He’s the guy at the end of the game you don’t want to tackle anymore because he’s beaten you down all game long. That’s Marcus Lattimore.

I expect the carry-per-game numbers to be down – and maybe even his rushing yardage, too – simply because of the injury, and because the coaching staff may not want to endure another year Lattimore-less.

He’s a very unselfish team player, and I know South Carolina loves having this kid represent their school and program. I love having this kid represent the SEC, and here’s to hoping he makes a full recovery and is healthy the whole 2012 season.


Okay, commence yelling at me. Who are your top 25 players for 2012?

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  • Tyler Wilson should be #1! rwahhh rwah rwah! Knile Davis is better than Lattimore! rwaaahhh!

    • Yeah and bobby petrino is the number one coach in the sec…..quit acting like a big baby.

      • Jon said to commence yelling at him, so I was. Davis is faster, stronger, quicker, has better vision, better cutting ability, and is as good catching the ball out of the backfield as Lattimore. ML might end up with more yards than Davis, but only because Spurrier runs him into the ground, and Carolina doesn’t have a capable backup behind Lattimore.
        All of you Hog-haters can continue to under-estimate the Razorbacks if you want to. Arkansas is obviously better off without Petrino stinking up the campus. Go ahead, poke fun, make jokes, snicker……when Arkansas beats your team this fall you won’t be laughing.

        • no capable back up. You do realize that USC had three other backs hurt that year and the fifth string back was running around 80 yards a game and had a couple of hundred plus yard games. Davis has had 7 good games in his carrier. He fits well with Arky because he is fast, but nobody really believe Petrino (sorry too soon) is going to run the ball, so he get’s a lot of room with only 6 in the box. Everyone knows Latti will get the ball, much like Richardson. When everyone in the stadium knows you’re going to get the ball and you still get the yardage you need, that means you are one special player.

        • I haven’t really seen too many “Arkansas” haters on here. They are a good team in my opinion, have been for a while, but it always seems to me that Arkansas fans crave attention or desire for people to “hate” them so they can somehow feel better about their team. Lattimore and Davis are both extremely talented players, if you don’t like Jon’s opinion, create your own website and be biased in your choice and put Wilson and Davis at #1 and #2. And South Carolina doesn’t have backups? Obviously you don’t know our roster, Wilds did an excellent job replacing Lattimore last year, plus Kenny Miles is returning, and we have new recruit Mike Davis. That is a good amount of depth to me. And I like your comment about Petrino, you said that Arky will be better off without him, but I bet you were hoping he stayed, because he is a good coach, and Arky will certainly suffer somewhat from him being gone.

  • Good call on Lattimore being number one… He will have a Heisman year this year.

  • One Bama player made the list….hmmm.

    Knile and Lattimore are both runningbacks coming back from pretty significant injuries. I would hold your breath on a heisman until then. Plus, if Spurrier runs Lattimore like he did last year who knows what will happen in terms of injuries again.

    • Robert Lester is on the list for Bama. I do agree with you about Spurrier running Lattimore too much; however, I think that he will tone it down this year with the number of carries, especially coming off an injury like that.

  • That photo is from one of Marcus’ worst games at Carolina. Two fumbles in a loss if I recall. Give us a different photo!!! haha

  • I think a potential first round draft pick in MSU’s Jonathan Banks ought to get a little love on your top 25 list.