The Cartoonist behind SEC vs Notre Dame

SEC vs Notre Dame Championship Cartoon

It all started with a little SEC Pride and attaching his most recent sketch in an email to his brother on Monday afternoon…

Davis Jaye’s image of the SEC vs Notre Dame has since spread like wildfire through social media. On the Saturday Down South twitter and facebook accounts, it has received over over 10,000 “likes” and 2,000 retweets. Rabid SEC fans love it and those around the rest of college football are cursing the dominance of the Southeastern Conference and using it as visual representation for their SEC Envy. When I talked to Davis on the phone, he spoke the truth:

“I think that, right now, expecting a non-SEC team to win the National Championship is like expecting the sun to start rising somewhere other than the East. It’s probably not going to happen.”

Davis Jaye

Davis Jaye

What makes this image even better is that Davis Jaye actually grew up in Florida and graduated from the University of Florida majoring in Graphic Design. When you learn this fact, his sketch is an even more beautiful image of the kind of support you don’t see from opposing teams in another conference. And Davis was quick to point out this SEC Pride when he said:

“The SEC teams want to kill each other during the regular season, but when it comes to Bowl Games, they rally around each other like no other conference.”

Currently, Davis is living in Chicago and is married with two children. He still supports the Florida Gators and the SEC even though he is an exile in enemy territory. He is creating a series of SEC cartoons that we will be releasing in the upcoming days. The next cartoon will go out on our facebook and twitter accounts later this afternoon. To contact Davis Jaye and to see more of his work, visit his portfolio here.