“Old man football” turned into grown man football this weekend, as Georgia really exerted its will on Missouri in the second half, and Georgia’s defense pushed Mizzou into submission.

The biggest storyline heading into the game was Missouri’s DT Sheldon Richardson locker room material, which he provided all last week with his ill-advised comments regarding ‘old man football’.

He apparently apologized to Mark Richt after the game Saturday night, as Georgia chanted “Old-Man-Foot-Ball” late into the night.

Associated Press photographer LG Patterson saw the apology unfold and described the scene to Macon.com.

“After Coach Richt stopped his players from jumping on the MU logo at center field, Richardson walked up to Richt and leaned towards his ear and said something I couldn’t hear. As coach walked away, he turned to Richardson and said ‘Apology accepted.’”

Missouri needs more players like Richardson, not for their mouth, but for their impact on defense. While Richardson had diarrhea mouth, he proved he could play some football and hang with SEC defensive tackles.