Missouri DT Sheldon Richardson “earned himself a vacation”, according to a team spokesperson, for his comments about Georgia “playing old-man football like the Big Ten” and his warning against the rest of the SEC – “If we execute nobody can touch us. Period”.

Richardson was not available to the media Monday.

Gary Pinkel said he handled Richardson’s comments internally and acknowledged what his starting DT provided was bulletin board material.

“Well, you know we certainly want to say the right things, do the right things,” Pinkel said. “I think he just got carried away a little bit, but I handled that internally.

“Without question I think anybody looks for things. We want to say the appropriate things. He felt sorry for saying it, he just got excited. He’s got great respect for Georgia, as I do. We’ll learn the lessons and move on.”

I doubt Richardson has any kind of respect for Georgia, as Pinkel states.

I’m sure Georgia has Richardson’s comments plastered all over their locker room and facility.

Interesting enough, it was only two years ago that Missouri wanted to get into the Big Ten to play that old man football, too.

Georgia and Missouri open up SEC play this Saturday at 7:45 PM ET on ESPN.

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