Should Division Champ Be Determined By Divisional Record Only?

Steve Spurrier likes to make news around this time of the year. Last year, heading into the SEC Spring Meetings, he proposed the ridiculous idea to pay players out of the head coach’s own pocket. This year, his latest idea has a bit more sense to it.

Spurrier has been talking recently about changing how the division champion is crowned. Rather than basing the champion on the overall SEC record, Spurrier is proposing it to crown the champion based on the divisional record.

While any sort of change is usually met with a great deal of push back, the idea makes sense in many ways. If the divisional champion is supposed to be the top team in that division, you could argue it should be based on the records against each other.

Last year, South Carolina went undefeated in the East. They, however, lost to Auburn and Arkansas. Georgia, lost to South Carolina, but beat the two western opponents in Ole Miss and Auburn giving the Dawgs a better overall SEC record. Despite losing to South Carolina, the Dawgs won the East.

With Georgia having an arguably easier schedule than South Carolina again this year, Spurrier is bringing the topic to the table.

If there are any supporters of such a move, it would likely come from teams like Florida and Tennessee who have yearly matchups against SEC West powers (LSU and Alabama respectively). However, it’s unlikely the idea gains much traction.

Spurrier being Spurrier… which I’m fine with.



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  • Shouldn’t division record determine division champion? Why should a conference record select a division champion? Hell, why not overall record for division champion??

  • Just leave it the way it is. Spurrier is just having another hissy fit because his Fighting Chickens didn’t win the division.

    • well lets see. SC was 5-0 in division GA was 4-1. SC won head to head against GA. At time of SEC championship SC was ranked 9th in the BCS and GA was ranked 16th. Divisional champ should be decided by performance in division. Only difference between the teams was SEC west matchup of Arkansas for SC and Ole Miss for GA

  • Spurrier is absolutely right. It is absurd, especially considering the cupcake schedule UGA has this year (again).

  • Or…. give georgia a tougher schedule.

  • Spurrier also pokes fun at UGA because of suspensions. Right or wrong Richt has a strong disciplinary record. Stephan Garcia probably wouldn’t have played a down at UGA after his second ‘screw-up’. So Spurrier spouting of is just that. Spurrier spouting off. Also it’s understandable when Arkansas fans whant a change! Because they probably will NEVER win the West. And ..What does that do for the rest of the SEC games? It’s just like winning or losing an out of conference game? National rankings is all that suffers. Look at other sports. How do they do it. What was Atlanta’s record against National league East teams last year? I don’t know you get the point. Used to be Florida and UT and Georgia were tough wins. Now that has changed a little and everybody is crying. Either way is fine. I’m just suspect of the people crying and their motivation. Lastly each team in the SEC does not choose thir own ‘in-conference’ opponents. So UGA didn’t write their in conference schedule. In years past this would have been a killer schedule. Are they responsible for the fact UT sux. And UF and Auburn are down?