We know why Spurrier refuses to take questions now

How can anyone get on Steve Spurrier’s bad side? It’s simple. If your name is Ron Morris, you will piss off Spurrier again and again.

That’s exactly the reason Spurrier isn’t taking questions from the media at the moment. He wants to prove a point to Ron Morris.

His beef with Morris goes back to 2011, and Spurrier refused to talk to the media as long as Morris is present. Remember this video?

That didn’t last too long – only about a week.

Spurrier left the podium without answering any questions after Saturday’s win over Missouri. He also refused any questions after his Sunday teleconference, too. He was upset about something or someone.

We now know why.

Morris has irked Spurrier again with his latest pen, questioning him playing Connor Shaw against UAB, a game in which Shaw was reinjured and had to leave the game. You can read the article here, but I’ll sum up the main points Morris wrote.

Despite the injury, according to Spurrier, Shaw could have returned to the game in the second half. And, according to Spurrier, Shaw is “fine” to play Saturday against Missouri.

Maybe I missed where USC physicians invented a new cure over the weekend for deep bruises and/or fractures to the shoulder. Or, maybe Shaw is an incredibly quick healer the second time around. Or, maybe Shaw goes into Saturday’s game with the same questions surrounding his running and throwing abilities as he did against UAB.

My guess is the latter. My guess also is that, because of Spurrier’s poor decision to play Shaw against UAB, USC will be dealing with the quarterback’s sore shoulder for most of the remainder of the season.

Spurrier and Morris had a great relationship until Morris sent the relationship sideways. And they now don’t speak.

However, Spurrier is punishing the entire media because of his beef with Morris again. He’s making a statement that will sure come to pass, but he’s making the rest of the media suffer while doing so.

Going further, though, Spurrier probably doesn’t have a problem with Morris stating his own opinion, but he likely does have beef with him stating is he definitively wrong in playing Shaw too early.