Photo: Texas A&M throws first punch against Florida in game week

Fresh off new SEC member Missouri throwing some punches at Georgia, other SEC newbie Texas A&M throws one of their own…in Gator country.

This beauty landed in Gainesville and announces Texas A&M’s presence on game week.

It reads “You’ve been annexed by Aggie Nation. The Best Academics & Cleanest Program in the SEC. WHOOP! Real Football. Real Tradition.”

[H/T Chris Harry]

Interestingly, the location of the billboard is the corner of NW 13th St and 53rd Ave., hardly a location that students and most fans travel through. You have to wonder if the entire purpose of the billboard is to make waves via the internet. As can be expected, blogs and message boards pick up these sorts of things so the actual location and proximity to campus might not be the primary focus.

Meanwhile, Texas A&M is claiming no responsibility of the billboard.

The billboard has now been removed due to trademark reasons. Here is an updated photo: