Texas A&M SEC Shirt Mistake & The Aftermath

It’s hard to ‘gig’ a team early when they aren’t even officially a part of the conference yet, but the Aggies are gettin’ gigged for their recent wardrobe malfunction.

Aggieland Outfitters produced a shirt for sale that showed the Aggies’ SEC pride, but they obviously had the geography wrong and included the state of North Carolina and didn’t even include the state of Missouri:

And Aggieland officially responded to the mishap yesterday:

Howdy Ags – This is Aggieland Outfitters. We have a sponsor username for mybcs.com, but I didn’t want to offend our friends at CC Creations who sponsor this board, so I thought I’d repost this under a new personal account to follow the guidelines of TexAgs.com

All I can is that we messed up on this shirt.

The original design was meant to have the old SEC states with Texas on the back as an addition to the conference. Somewhere from sketch to finished product North Carolina got added. Sometimes mistakes happen and we just plain missed it.

Funny enough, the SEC licensed the shirt and didn’t notice it either, so maybe they know something that we don’t know about expansion in North Carolina?

Hopefully we didn’t totally ruin anyone’s day with this. We’ve got lots of great SEC merchandise coming out, and we’ll make sure that the maps are correct next time!


Aggieland Outfitters

If this mistake would have happened in the Big 12, no one would be talking about it. Welcome to the big leagues, Aggies.