Video: Why 70% of top football players come from the SOUTH

Many reasons were mentioned in this short video for why more football talent comes from the south. Here are a few that stuck out to us:

– Civil Rights Movement was important for black athletes
– Kids grow up wanting to play football, it’s the top sport in the south
– Reduced manufacturing facilities in the north
– More Speed in the South
– Don’t let boys play spring football up north
– 12% live in poverty, higher than other parts of country
– Bigger crowds at high school games
– 92% of players in SEC’s top recruiting classes are from the south
– Warmer weather lets kids play outside year-round
– More African Americans in south than throughout the country
– 27% of NFL rookies now come from Florida, Georgia & south Atlantic
– “All we have to do is play football.” -Eddie Williams

Why do you think we produce more football talent?