Trey Burton is the X-Factor for Florida. Many overlook his contributions to the offense because he’s never really been a big-play guy, but rather a steady, consistent performer who can make some plays when called upon.

And did he ever make the most of his touches last night.

Burton carried three times for 91 yards and two touchdowns, and both came from the Wildcat formation when he lined up at quarterback. He also caught two passes for 38 yards. That’s a decent 25.8 yards per touch.

Burton loves playing Tennessee because he’s scored a total of four touchdowns in three games against the Vols’ defense.

Burton’s first 14-yard touchdown run

Burton’s 2nd TD went for 80 yards

After the game, Burton called the Vols fans “front runners” because they headed for the exits when they got down by a couple scores.

“They’re front-runners,” said Trey Burton, one of Saturday night’s heroes. “They talk a lot and as soon as we got up a little their fans starting leaving.”

Burton will be very important moving forward, because Florida hasn’t shown it can run between the tackles in short-yardage situations. Therefore, the Gators will run more Wildcat with Burton at quarterback in the future to put more pressure on the edges.