Former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu will re-enroll at LSU today, his father confirmed Monday.

“Tyrann is going to enroll Tuesday,” the elder Mathieu said. “He’s doing great. Mr. Lucas did a good job with his rehab. His face is bright, he’s happy and he’s got more knowledge, he’s a lot wiser.

“He has more discipline, maturity and character. Mr. Lucas is going to remain in his life. He’s done a lot for kids who can’t handle all that fame. He has a lot more pressure.”

Wednesday is the deadline for enrolling in LSU’s fall semester.

His father also thinks Mathieu is interested in playing for the Tigers in 2013.

“I would think so,” the elder Mathieu said. “But right now we’re working on his maturity and his academics. It’s kind of early to talk about all that stuff. I’m going to let Mr. Lucas talk about that.”

Mr. Lucas is former NBA star John Lucas who is mentoring Mathieu. Lucas played 14 years in the NBA before addictions with cocaine and alcohol took control of his life. Lucas successfully completed rehab and had a second career as a NBA coach.

Even though Les Miles will not talk about this situation this season because Mathieu is out of sight and out of mind, I think we can see where this is all headed.

Mathieu really expects to come back to LSU, sit this season out and play football for the Tigers in 2013.

I’m not sure that’s the best situation for Miles and his team, and Miles will need to address this with Mathieu and his family.

Honey Badger is eligible for the 2013 draft if he decides to enter it. This will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Here’s a timeline of Mathieu’s events so far: