SEC’s top 25 players of 2013: No. 6 Georgia’s Aaron Murray

SDS is continually counting down the top 25 players in the SEC for 2013, and we’re not stopping until we get to No. 1. I know you’ll agree with every single one…

No. 6: Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia (SR)

2012 stats: 249 of 386 for 3,893 yards, 36 TDs, 10 INTs
2013 projected: 260 of 405 for 3,900, 38 TDs, 12 INTs

Why he’s worthy: Aaron Murray will own nearly every passing record at Georgia and in the SEC when 2013 is over, but the one thing he’ll be remembered for will be whether or not he wins a championship.

It’s the age-old debate between quarterbacks like Dan Marino, who never won a Super Bowl, and Trent Dilfer, one of the biggest game managing non-throwers to ever win a championship. Marino is one of the best quarterbacks of all time, while Dilfer, well, isn’t.

We know Aaron Murray is a great quarterback. Hell, he’s the only quarterback in SEC history to record three straight 3,000-yard seasons. Peyton, Eli, Chris Leak or Danny Wuerffel never accomplished that feat. With the addition of 2013, his nearly 11,000 career yards and 95 touchdowns will blow away his predecessors and replace records with fresh ink, hot off the presser.

This year, the SEC returns the three biggest quarterbacks in SEC history for one season, and you can justify ranking AJ McCarron, Aaron Murray and Johnny Manziel any way you want. And it works.

Murray’s ‘can’t win the big game’ reputation is unfairly placed on arguably the most accomplished – stats-wise – quarterback to ever play in the SEC’s golden era. Yes, he’s 4-10 against ranked opponents, but no, it’s not all his fault.

Throughout his career, Murray has improved upon his numbers and touchdown-to-interceptions ratio year over year, and he’ll improve yet again during his senior season.

Murray can put to bed all the doubters and all the haters and only enhance his illustrious Bulldog image by accomplishing his one main goal: wining a championship.

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Photo Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports