Alabama fans are crazy for Nick Saban

The media has a tendency to focus attention on the bad apples in each fan base, especially Alabama with fans named Updyke. Today, we would like to put a spotlight on a group of Alabama fans that are raising support for Nick Saban’s charity in appreciation for the last 3 National Championships.

They call it the $1,000 per point campaign and you can read more about it on their website:

The video above also helps explain the goal, which is to raise 1,000 dollars for every point Alabama has scored in their last 3 National Championships, a total of 100 points. This $100,000 will go directly to Nick Saban’s charity for children in need throughout the state of Alabama called Nick’s Kids Fund. The effort from the fans kicked off this afternoon and will run for 100 hours. If interested in joining the fun, you can check out their website for more on the transparency of the donations going to Nick’s Kids Fund.

It’s refreshing to see a group of fans use their passion for something positive. Feel free to pass on the word to your Crimson Tide friends.