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By now, I’m guessing you read the SEC fan base rankings Emory Sports Marketing Analysis produced earlier this week.

Again, these rankings are based on Revenue Premium Brand Equity, which you can read about here. Below is a quick summary.

For the fan analyses, we build a statistical model that predicts team revenues as a function of metrics related to team performance such as winning percentage and bowl participation. We then compare actual revenues to what is predicted based purely on team performance (and other factors such as number of students, capacity, etc).

Emory raised the bar and took it a step further, ranking the top 10 for all of college football, and here are the results:


Here’s the snippet why Texas is ranked No. 1, ahead of all four SEC schools:

Number one on the list is the University of Texas. The Longhorns have some built in advantages that make it such a powerhouse. Texas is the flagship school in a highly populated state with an incredible football culture. Texas is also interesting because it is such a frequent target in realignment discussions. Texas would bring the most valuable fan base to any conference. In fact, Texas football is such a valuable property that we doubt that they will move anytime soon. Texas is a strong enough brand to keep the Big Twelve a viable conference. This means that Texas has an immense amount of bargaining power within the Big Twelve; which would be lost in a move to the Big Ten or the SEC.

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