Bielema adds to tension with Malzahn, has issue with Auburn game film

Arkansas and Auburn clash Saturday in Fayetteville for another SEC showdown, and we knew dating back to this past summer that this game would become highly anticipated and slightly controversial with the coaches’ differences for offensive philosophies.

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And Bret Bielema kicked off game week by doing exactly what was expected – stoke the coaches’ fire. Bielema has an issue with Auburn’s game film they sent over, and he publicly said he contacted the SEC office about the discrepancy between the video sent by the Tigers and actual TV game footage. Get this – Bielema’s beef is with respect to a two-point conversion attempt he calls the ‘swinging gate’ formation, via

“There are just some clips that haven’t — shall we say, the TV copy doesn’t match the film copy,” Bielema said Monday. “And it’s something we have kind of been aware of now for the last week and half in getting our preparation. So we can use other film and stuff like that to make sure we are getting the full picture.

“On the TV copy, they have a swinging gate at the beginning of the play,” Bielema said. “Which obviously happened. It was on the TV copy. And when we got the video copy from them (Monday), that exact same play doesn’t show any of the gate. It just shows them lined up in a field goal, PAT. So if I hadn’t watched the TV copy, or if our guys hadn’t had the time to go back and review, we would have never known that to happen.

“I’m sure it’s a glitch. I’m know Gus stands for everything that’s right and (has) great faith in doing things right. So I’m sure it’s just a glitch they’ll get to the bottom of.”

Interestingly, according to the SEC’s bylaws, Bielema may have violated a rule with his remarks while calling out Auburn.

The rule states: “If teams believe violations of the video exchange policies have occurred, it should be reported immediately to the SEC supervisor of officials and not be discussed in the media.”

Bret Bielema and Gus Malzahn have had their differences dating back to the summer, and it was one of the best aspects of day two at SEC Media Days. You can read that entertaining exchange here.

Bielema was asked about his feud with Malzahn publicly earlier today, too.

“You know I really don’t know Gus,” Bielema said. “I mean, obviously, I know the history. I might have shaken his hand on two different occasions. Never had a conversation with him. I know everybody kind of plays that stuff up and now with the whole thing film, too, it’s going to get a little bit blown out of proportion, too. But we’ll let the league office handle that, so I think the biggest thing for us is just know it’s always about the players.”

Auburn opened as an 8-point favorite, and the line has already moved to 10.

Photo Credit: Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports