Fan launches petition over CBS Sports’ SEC Championship broadcast

Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist have faced controversy from fans over the years during their time as CBS Sports broadcasters. They’ve almost become ingrained in our lives and our fall ritual of watching CBS Sports’ SEC Game of the Week.

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I feel like I know both of them.

But one Alabama fan named Andy Bearden isn’t happy with Danielson and Lundquist, and he filed a petition to have CBS remove the two broadcasters from the air.

Bearden’s reasons were based on impartiality.

“Their commentary is extremely negative for most of the game. They are also two of the most biased commentators on TV. They cannot remain neutral at all! They pick their team in the game and constantly berate the other team!”

Lundquist has been a broadcaster since 1970, on different assignments with TNT, ABCS and CBS, while Danielson has been with CBS since 2006 after a career with ABC/ESPN and as a former player.

CBS’ SEC Game of the Week has consistently dominated ratings the entire season, and the SEC Championship game was the highest rated game of the season and the highest rated conference championship this year.

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I’ve always thought Danielson has done a really solid job. He played football, and he knows football. Lundquist is just a sidekick, play-by-play guy who chortles and says, “Oh my!” too loud. I haven’t had a problem with either, and I’ve always thought they’ve done a solid job in their analysis and commentary.

No sportscaster will truly satisfy the masses, and Danielson and Lundquist have been solid throughout their careers.

Do you like Danielson and Lundquist? Do you share Bearden’s same sentiments?