Condi Rice? Let the selection committee circus begin!

Who knew how similar a mens-only, world famous golf club was to having a major sport that utilizes a two-team playoff?

If the rumors are true, college football won’t be the only sports related institution to bring inĀ Condoleezza Rice in a politically motivated, media-appeasing manner. Condi of course was one of the two first women to join Augusta National after years of bashing at the hands of the media for being an all boys club. Well, college football appears to have taken a page from the Augusta National playbook.

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As names begin to surface over who will fill up the controversial selection committee, word is out now that Condi will be on the committee. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

Perhaps college football is planning to expand into North Korea, and we could use her diplomatic and international negotiating experience as Secretary of State under George W. Bush.

Or, maybe college football needs a great spokesman or spokeswoman. If you saw her speech at the 2012 Republican Convention, you’ll know what I’m referring to. She’s intelligent, amazingly talented and inspiring.

And it’s ridiculous for her to be on the committee.

What are we doing here? We’re trying to identify the best college football teams in the country. We’re not trying to form another United Nations Security Council. It’s pretty simple. We want people who know football and plan to watch a ton of football each week during the season. Someone as accomplished and important as Condi Rice is not going to be watching 25 different games from morning until late in the night each Saturday during the fall.

It’s now official. The goal of the college football playoff is not to pick the best four teams in the country and have them duke it out for a national championship.

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No, the goal of the college football is to create a system more accepted in the eyes of the national media and to deflect criticism of the sport. It’s a major public relations move. Let’s fill up a committee full of ADs and respected elites – the amount of time they spend studying and watching the teams is irrelevant – so that the media will give the sport a break.

If Condi Rice vouches for the process, then by golly, this has got to be the right way!

For all of you fans who have been complaining about the BCS and hoping for a playoff, pat yourself on the back. The circus has begun.


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